Blue America Music: Angie Paccione loves Blood, Sweat & Tears

(guest blogged by Howie) The first time I talked with Angie Paccione, Colorado legislator and candidate to vanquish the gay-obsessed Marilyn Musgrave, she told me that music is an important part of her life and that of all the genres she loves, gospel music is the most uplifting to her. Yesterday we asked her to pick a song for C&L and she came up with one that has uplifted millions of people around the world, Blood, Sweat and Tears' "Spinning Wheel," performed here live on Top of the Pops.

As awful as Musgrave has been, the best reason to turn her out is because of how GREAT Angie is! If you can spare a contribution... well, just think of it as an investment in the future of our country.

Please donate if you can. Time is short!

Blue America Music: Robert Rodriguez loves Tom Petty

Robert Rodriguez is a sharp 29 year old school teacher from Barstow, California. He's running against a rubber stamp right winger named Buck McKeon in CA-25 and he's one of the Blue America candidates who we're buying radio ads for. I asked him to talk about a song he likes a lot and listens to a lot. He didn't hesitate for a minute. "The people in this area have to drive a lot, and long distances.

The Bush policies that have driven gas prices so high have hurt everyone around here, but especially working families. When I drive to L.A. I get inspired by Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" because he talks about our freeways." While you're watching it, think about helping Robert overcome the massive corporate warchest McKeon has acquired by supporting policies that have made gas so expensive.

Donate if you can... (guest posted by Howie)

Charlie Brown & Blue America

Howie Klein has been hosting Blue America "Meet the Candidates" at FireDogLake for a while now and it's been a great success in getting the word out about progressive candidates.

But today, they held a little contest in addition to the "Adopt A District" drive to see who Blue America should support in these waning days before the election with some directed air time purchase for customized "Had Enough?" ads.

The winner: Charlie Brown!

C&L regular Nate is working hard on Charlie Brown's campaign and had no small part in driving support Charlie's way.

Brown's opponent , John Doolittle, is connected to BOTH the Abramoff and Duke Cunningham scandals, so it will be great to lose this "Culture of Corruption" member. UPDATE: WaPo is reporting that the same federal task force that recently brought down Ney is looking at other Abramoff dealings in Doolittle's and Conrad Burn's office.

If you can, we'd love to see you donate to Brown's campaign.

Blue America Music: John Laesch loves Chuck Berry

It's crunch time for our candidates and we need your help. Howie Klein is doing a great "Adopt a District" promotion going on at FDL. He's giving away more cool stuff as usual.

John Laesch has been closing the gap furiously on Dennis Hastert. I guess covering up a sex predator isn't working to well for the coach. Tony Snow is being called out to stump for Hastert. T-o-n-y S-n-o-w....That's pretty fraking desperate.

Here's our Blue America Act Blue page...Keep it coming...Oh, and Johnny B. Good

GOP Redirecting Funds from Faltering Races


Faced with a deteriorating political climate, Republican Party officials are hoping to keep control of the House and Senate with a strategy aimed at shoring up enough endangered incumbents to preserve their majorities, while scaling back planned spending on races that now appear unwinnable.

In recent days, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has given back television time it had reserved in Democratic-held districts in West Virginia, South Carolina and Ohio -- apparently concluding that those races are beyond reach unless something dramatic changes the national political environment in the 25 days before the Nov. 7 election.
The Republican National Committee, which is using its substantial resources to supplement the party's Senate campaign committee, has spent virtually all of its television money in just three states -- Ohio, Missouri and Tennessee -- hoping to build a levee strong enough to save those seats and the Senate majority.
But recent events, among them the problems facing Republican Sens. George Allen in Virginia and Mike DeWine in Ohio, make that task even more difficult, GOP strategists privately concede. Read on...

We've been hitting you pretty regularly for donations to Blue America, but every little bit helps, especially since the RNC has written off some races and focusing their dollars elsewhere. Please help if you can.

Blue America's John Hall: "Have you had enough?" video

JOhnHall-Hadenough.jpg The "Have you had enough?" song/video campaign is doing fabulous. Here's the newest one for Blue America's John Hall. He's a brilliant guy and as we know a very creative man as well

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Please donate to our Act Blue if you can. Time is running out.

Blue America Music: Victoria Wulsin just loves Bonnie Raitt

Chris Bowers has a breaking report that shows the netroots candidates are doing very well in the polls. This is really great news. As a new Blue America special, I'm going to post a music selection from a Blue America candidate. Time is running short and this is crunch time. We need your support badly if we're going to push our candidates over the top. Dr. Victoria Wulsin is leading mean Jean Schmidt 48% to 45% in this latest poll. She just loves Bonnie Raitt which shows most excellent taste.

Please donate what you can to Victoria Wulsin's campaign. Wouldn't it be nice to see Jean Schmidt getting booted out on her ear after she called Jack Murtha a coward?


Ned Lamont ad and a little Al

Lieberman borders on racism too:


Sharpton also indulged in a bit of punditry, offering an explanation of the Lieberman camp's tactic. "They're trying to play to very conservative people, `Oh, [Lamont's] with the liberals, Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson,'" Sharpton said. "But they also want to drive a wedge between us and Lamont so black [voters] say, `Lamont's abandoning blacks.'"

Sharpton concluded: "It definitely borders on racism and I think it's beneath Joe Lieberman. It's so close to the border that he needs a passport. I might add that the only one who's brought up race in this campaign is them."

Don't forget our Blue America/Act Blue page.

(h/t Atrios)

Live Q&A with Joe Sestak

FireDogLake is hosting a live Q&A with Joe Sestak right now.

Go on over and ask a few questions of one of our ActBlue candidates.

Reminder: There are just 30 days before the mid-term elections.

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Blue America's John Laesch on Hastert: " He says he listens to everything and he remembers everything."

HB-JohnL.jpg Blue America's most excellent John Laesch, who is running against Denny Hastert in IL-14 was on Hardball the other day and has a problem with Predatorgate/ Hastert's memory issues.

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LAESCH: I will challenge his word. I‘ll get out there and say so. On page 186 of Dennis Hastert‘s book, he says that he listens to everything, and, you know, he knows everything that is going on. Use his words. Apparently he forgot, but on page 186 of his book, he says he listens to everything and he remembers everything..

Maybe he couldn't remember that he wrote a book at all...

(Full transcript below the fold) (please donate if you can)

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