Premiere Video: Have You had Enough?--Go McNerney!

HaveUhadEnough.jpg The Blue America song by Rickie Lee Jones, Tom Maxwell and Ken Mosher,

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is helping to re-define netroots activism in this campaign cycle. The viral nature of developing, open-sourced communication technology has allowed blogs from around the country, cooperating with each other, to start launching congressional-district campaigns using versions of the song, remixes and animations. Last week SayNoToPombo launched a My Space page with a customized version of "Have You Had Enough" recorded especially to help Jerry McNerney in CA-11.

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This week blogs around the country will start to debut customized video animations specific to progressive candidates like Chris Murphy (CT-05), Victoria Wulsin (OH-02) and John Laesch. Crooks and Liars has an exclusive sneak preview for the crucial Pombo/McNerney contest. Anyone who tosses at least $20 into the Blue America PAC bucket today (Monday, September 11) will get a "thank you" CD mailed to them.

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Blue America's Roger Sharpe

North Carolina's arch-extremist Virginia Foxx is being challenged for re-election by progressive Roger Sharpe. Sharpe is today's featured guest at Blue America's Firedoglake (2 PM, EST). Foxx originally cut her fans teeth on making anti-gay legislation in North Carolina's state House her political raison d'etre. (see the video) And, along with the most right-wing voting record imagable, she has brought her anti-gay (and anti-immigrant) mania to the U.S. Congress. Join the Blue America gang for a question-and-answer and find out about the dynamics of this interesting race and-- if you feel moved-- give Roger some help at the Blue America ActBlue page.

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Chris Carney at Blue America

(guest blogged by Howie)

Progressive Fightin' Dem Chris Carney (PA-10) had some great news today-- a poll showing him strongly ahead of incumbent rubber stamper Don Sherwood in their northeast Pennsylvania district. He'll be celebrating the good news at 5:30 PM (EST) over at Firedoglake with a live blog session. He's our newest addition over at Blue America. Here's a Youtube about him called Karl Rove's worst nightmare.

And if you think Carney's opponent is just a garden-variety right-winger who chokes young girls and then pays them off, check out my piece about his crass 9/11 fundraising event. Carney know just how to handle these guys though...Go chat with Chris if you have a moment.

How About Asking a Veteran What Supporting the Troops Really Means?

Via DKos

charlie-brown Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown (USAF Ret.) responds to Congressman John Doolittle's recent column about "supporting the troops":

Like his "stay the course" colleagues, Doolittle's hopeless strategy here is to try and distract voters from his hypocritical record on the subject by smearing his opponents. Unfortunately, no amount of taxpayer funded campaign mailers will change the fact that he voted to send our troops to war in Iraq without a plan, proper equipment, or sound intelligence. It won't change the growing tensions in Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and elsewhere that have occurred under John Doolittle's watch. And it certainly won't change the fact that he had the second worst record in the entire House of Representatives on Veterans issues in the 109th Congress (per Disabled American Veterans).

I wasn't the only one who noticed. My son, an Iraqi War Veteran and Air Force Captain who co-piloted Doolittle from Baghdad to Tal-Afar back in February took exception to Doolittle's recent column while home a few weeks ago on leave. His response to Doolittle is below. Read on...

You can donate to Charlie Brown at C&L's Blue America page.
(h/t Nathan)

Blue America's Bill Winter and Jay Fawcett on FDL

Today at 2 PM (EST) Blue America is featuring a live blogging session with 2 selfless Colorado Fighting Dems, Bill Winter and Jay Fawcett at Firedoglake. These two national security experts are taking on two of the most extremist right-wing Republicans running anywhere--congressman, Tom Tancredo and James Dobson's favorite Republican, Doug Lamborn.Here's

Here's Jay talking about why America will be safer if we replace Bush's rubber stamp Congress with one led by Democrats. I've got got an advance up at Down With Tyranny and John, Jane and I want to ask you go consider lending these two guys a hand at our joint ActBlue Page. (If you're fast you can win one of 30 June Carter Cash 2-CD sets.)

(guest blogged by Howie Klein)

Sources Point to Armitage as Novak Source


(Cross-posted from Firedoglake)

Richard Armitage gossiped about a member of the CIA to journalists. He violated the first principle of national security clearances — disclose information on a "need to know" basis only. I do not care how valuable his knowledge may be, he should never, ever have a high level security clearance again, because he is not to be trusted. (And while we are at it, why does Karl Rove still have his? Given his admission to discussing Valerie with journalists as well, he should be held to the same standard. He is also not to be trusted.)

National security is not some game. I don’t care about the "everybody does it" argument that Washington, D.C., is one big pit of gossip about who does what portfolio in intel or covert ops — this is not a game. And anyone who has ever known an officer who put their life on the line in a covert operation knows that for a fact....Read more...

Also, please join Howie Klein for a special Blue America live chat with Rep. Brad Miller (NC-13) at 5:30 pm ET/2:30 pm PT.

Blue America's Jerry McNerney

(guest blogged by Howie)

Today at 2 PM EST, alternative energy expert and candidate for Congress in northern California's 11th CD, Jerry McNerney will be the featured guest at the weekly Blue America series at Firedoglake, where he'll be answering questions and talking about his campaign for 2 hours. His opponent, Dick Pombo, is not just your garden variety Republican rubber stamp. Pombo, as head of the House Resources Committee, has taken a leadership role in the worst environmental policies in the country's entire history. I mean this is the man who actually proposed selling off the national parks! I have an advance at Down With Tyranny and take a look at what Defenders of Wildlife has to say about Pombo:

Blue America's Joe Sestak

Joe-Sestack.jpg CNN highlighted the race between Blue America's Joe Sestak and Crazy Curt Weldon yesterday. If you remember, Weldon attacked Joe's cancer ridden daughter and: "After repeatedly denying it ever happened, Curt Weldon finally admitted that he attended, spoke at and organized an event that declared Sun Myung Moon to be "humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent."

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Joe wrote a diary called "My Response to President Bush"

Hello. My name is Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania; I am a former 3-star Vice Admiral who spent 31 years serving my country in our Navy - they were the proudest years of my life. Today, I'd like to talk to you about a topic that's too important for partisan politics: a new direction for America's security. Last week, the Chairman of the 9/11 Commission made a startling comment. He said he didn't believe that security was a priority for the White on

If you can support Joe Sestak, please go over to our Blue America page.

Sherrod Brown on Blue America

fsherrodandwife.jpg Sherrod Brown who has a narrow lead over DeWine is over on FDL with a live chat going on now. We need him to win his race badly. Contribute if you can.

Blue America's Dave Mejias

Go over and chat with Dave Mejias. He's discussing his run against wingnut extraordinaire Peter King for the seat in NY. He could really use your support.

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