Blue America's Joe Sestak

Joe-Sestack.jpg CNN highlighted the race between Blue America's Joe Sestak and Crazy Curt Weldon yesterday. If you remember, Weldon attacked Joe's cancer ridden daughter and: "After repeatedly denying it ever happened, Curt Weldon finally admitted that he attended, spoke at and organized an event that declared Sun Myung Moon to be "humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent."

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Joe wrote a diary called "My Response to President Bush"

Hello. My name is Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania; I am a former 3-star Vice Admiral who spent 31 years serving my country in our Navy - they were the proudest years of my life. Today, I'd like to talk to you about a topic that's too important for partisan politics: a new direction for America's security. Last week, the Chairman of the 9/11 Commission made a startling comment. He said he didn't believe that security was a priority for the White on

If you can support Joe Sestak, please go over to our Blue America page.

Sherrod Brown on Blue America

fsherrodandwife.jpg Sherrod Brown who has a narrow lead over DeWine is over on FDL with a live chat going on now. We need him to win his race badly. Contribute if you can.

Blue America's Dave Mejias

Go over and chat with Dave Mejias. He's discussing his run against wingnut extraordinaire Peter King for the seat in NY. He could really use your support.

Dave Mejias

Tomorrow over at Blue America, we're introducing you to Dave Mejias, the dynamic young progressive taking on Long Island rubber stamp wingnut Peter King. Dave will be blogging live at firedoglake from 2PM to 4 PM (East Coast times), so you can get to know all about him. His opponent is a regular on all the right wing TV shows and you've probably seen him calling for Tim Russert to be shot or the NY Times to be jailed... or whatever lunacy pops into his head. In fact, here's a short clip from Fox called "Out-of-control congressman says New York Times Traitor."

You can see why this primitive Bush rubber stamp, who claims the NY Times "gave Fidel Castro his job in Cuba," needs to be put out to pasture. And Dave Mejias, whose father was imprisoned by Castro, is just the Democrat to do it. If you can't make it to the session, visit Blue America's Act Blue Page anytime; we're open 24/7.

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C&L Premiere: Rickie Lee Jones sings "Have You Had Enough?"

rickie-lee-jones.jpg Ricki Lee Jones has recorded a new song to help our "Blue America" grass roots project. You've seen the new "Blue America" page, right? Now--there's the "Blue America Records!" And the first release is a free download, "Have You Had Enough?"

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It's a campaign song for all our candidates. Rickie Lee Jones and Tom and Ken from the Squirrel Nut Zippers recorded it for us a couple weeks ago. Down With Tyranny has the full story.

sweep1.jpg FiredogLake has more...


Check out this documentary, it's really good.

Help out Patrick Murphy if you can ...

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Roots Project: Call your Senators on Specter's Bill

I've been involved with the Roots Project from the begining and it's developing nicely. Greenwald has a great post up about Specter's awful bill. It's important that we make our voices heard. It does really pay off when their phones ring off the hooks.

Blogosphere Day

Check out the new ACT Blue page: FDL, Howie and C&L joined forces.

MyDD explains...

Howie writes:

Anyway, the first 100 people who donate today on the new Blue America ACT BLUE Page will get a nice fresh new CD. I have lots of Bob Dylan CDs, lots of Neil Young CDs, plenty of Son Volt CDs... all sorts of goodies-- no stiffs. (If you don't want a CD, just add one cent to your contribution.) The offer is good from 12 Midnight East Coast (right now) to 12 Midnight tomorrow (West Coast; so you get an extra 3 hours!)

David Brooks on Lieberman: "Democrats privately despise the netroots"


It's always refreshing to hear a conservative pundit explain the liberal blogosphere to the world. He's another Lieberman supporter who loves to attack bloggers to falsely spread nonsense about us. Has he commented on the right wing blogs that attacked Hariett Miers or Bush's immigration stance? Hearing Democrats privately talk to Brooks about the blogoshere is the same nonsense that Robert Novak tried to peddle when he was on CNN.

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Brooks: I find privately most of the Democrats despise those people...

mcjoan has more:

David Brooks is qualified to tell us who is a Democrat?

Sorry David, Joe isn't a Democrat any more, and Mark Shields effectively rebutted that claim, I thought. Shields pointed out a number of things from his discussions with real Democrats who actually live in Connecticut. This race is about more than the war, but that it includes a whole host of issues including his votes on judicial nominations, his support of Bush on so called "values" issues, and most importantly, his willingness to abandon the Democratic party if the primary doesn't go his way. He also made the critical point that if Lieberman had been as aggressive in his debate with Cheney six years ago as he was with Lamont last night, he'd probably now be Vice on

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Roots CTG: Yea baby!

Roots CTG: Yea baby!

The Project so far has been hugely successful and I'm glad to be part of it, but it couldn't have happened without your support. Check out CTGProject for your updates.

FDL: We're asking for a one or two paragraph comment on either the book or the effort that put it into their hands. We’ll devote as much space as we need to in order to get as many as possible. Because the books were delivered in DC your best bet is probably contacting your rep’s DC office. You can find contact information here....

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