Ned Lamont's campaign on CNN

Ned Lamont's campaign on CNN
"The Situation Room's" blog segment with Jacki Schechner, featured Ned Lamont's new ad campaign that highlights Markos from Daily Kos. Jackie explains that the push Lamont is receiving for his bid to unseat Holy Joe is coming from...the Liberal blogs..

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The Lieberman camp's response: "The ads are cute, but cute never saved a job or stood up to big oil"

Atrios says: Neither did Joe "Voted for the Energy Bill" Lieberman.

Action Alert: Let's Make Sure They "Get It"

Action Alert: Let's Make Sure They 'Get It'

It's time to invite the Democrats in Washington to join OUR party. What better introduction to the netroots to provide our representatives with than Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas' Crashing the Gate. . . We're going to hand deliver a copy of Crashing the Gate to every Democrat in the House and Senate on behalf of everyone who believes our elected representatives should be aware of the importance of people-powered on"

What we need you to do is donate a copy of Crashing the Gate.

Update: They made their quota of 250 books. Congrats people...

--guest posted by Pachacutec

Unconditional Surrender: Maine Blogger case

Unconditional Surrender: Maine Blogger case

Here's a follow up report to Taylor's story posted here yesterday:

MBA: "Moments ago, lawyers for the advertising agency suing MBA Member Lance Dutson filed a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal in U.S. District Court in Maine..."This is a textbook case of how blogs work. This result could not have come about without the blogosphere. Lance's defense team was put together through the blogs and pressure was brought to bear on WKP through the blogs."read on"

I'm glad that C&L was able to lend a helping hand....

Unclassified Media Project

Unclassified Media Project
From reader Jen:
"From the Unclassified Media Project comes this rock-and-roll news-reel about the Bush administration's trampling of the Constitution. Remember, kids, back when we used to have civics classes in our schools, which warned about how easily our nation could slide from democracy into despotism?

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Despots don't like kids to learn how a democracy should work. This media remix includes prophetic lessons from 1946, news footage of "the decider," messages from the American people about protecting our nation-- and some original music. Also features a brief interview with Glenn Greenwald about his book, How Would a Patriot Act? Here's the website for Glenn's book. To see more Unclassified Media Projects, go here."

Buh-Bye Scottie

First Draft says that McClellan might be on his way out!

(FD's site seems to be down so I linked to the article.)

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