Gary Peters

Gary Peters

These days it isn't that hard to find Democratic candidates who espouse the solidly progressive positions that are required to win a Blue America endorsement. It isn't even that hard to find men and women, like Gary Peters, whose own records show their dedication to those positions. But Jane, John, Digby and I are looking for something even beyond that in our candidates-- men and women who show signs of being selfless leaders of a progressive movement that will change the course of go-along-to-get-along politics. There is plenty of factual information about Gary on his website and we think we have found the leadership qualities we are looking for in Gary Peters. See if you agree at Gary's first live session at FDL. If you want to learn more about Joe Knollenberg and what he's been doing in Congress, there's a new site specifically dedicated to that called JoeKnollenbergDelivers.

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