Blue America Proudly Welcomes Senator Bernie Sanders For a Live Chat


International Big Business, the Oil Industry, serial polluters... they've been trying to end Bernie Sanders' political career for many years. But, until now, weak, lax campaign rules have held them back, at least to some extent. This year, America's preeminent tribune for working families, may not-- at least according to Public Policy Polling -- have a strong potential Republican opponent. But what he does have is a Citizens United empowered plutocracy who hate him more than anyone in Washington. Bernie Sanders is the Senator up for reelection endorsed by Blue America this year... the one even running for Senate at all we've endorsed so far. That's because Bernie is clear and consistent and driven by values and principles to fight for the legitimate aspirations of regular American families. He doesn't belong to any special interests. He belongs to us. Just listen to what he has to say about the Koch Brothers in the clip above. And, better, join us in the C&L comments section below at 2pm (ET) and meet Bernie for yourself. And, please do think about contributing what you can to help him stave off the attack we know is coming courtesy of a deranged and reactionary Supreme Court ruling in favor of plutocracy and against democracy.

This week Bernie gave a keynote address to the delegates of the United Steelworkers of America at their convention in Las Vegas. He told us he wants to talk with us today about the same stuff he discussed with the 3,000 steelworkers Thursday and the same stuff that he'll be talking about with the New Hampshire Democrats at the Merrimack County annual picnic on Sunday. His message, he says, is "simple, straight-forward and appears to be resonating."

Yes, deficit reduction is important, but it is not the most important issue we face. We are in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and if the middle-class is to be saved we need to create millions of good paying jobs in the very near future. And we can do it. Here are three approaches that I will be working on to create the jobs we desperately need when Congress reconvenes after Labor Day.

He's been hammering three overarching themes. First is the need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, pointing out that "when we do that we not only create millions of good paying jobs, but we also make the entire country more productive and competitive in the global economy." After that he points to the need to move our energy system away from fossil fuels and into energy efficiency and sustainable energy breaking our dependence on Middle East oil, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing air pollution and putting "millions of Americans to work building American made solar panels, building American made wind turbines, building American made heat pumps and weatherizing millions of American homes with energy efficient products and technologies-- all made in America."

And his third theme is how "we have got to fundamentally rewrite our trade policy laws so that American products, not jobs are our number one export." If his rhetoric on this scares you, you've been brainwashed by the plutocratic overlords "Simply stated," he explains, "our current trade policy of unfettered free trade has been a disaster for American workers and must be reformed. Over the past thirty years, we have been told by the administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and now Barack Obama that unfettered free trade will increase jobs in America. They have been proven wrong. NAFTA has led to the loss of over one million American jobs. Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with China has led to the loss of over 2 million American jobs." He worries that if George W. Bush's unfettered free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama are signed into law by this President, even more American jobs will be lost. I will be doing my best to fight against these job-killing free trade agreements and come up with a trade approach which is based on the principles of fair trade, not unfettered free trade."

"Despair is not an option," he says. We need to "make sure that government represents all the people, not just the wealthy and powerful... This fight is not just about what happens to our lives. More importantly, it’s what happens to our kids and grandchildren. For their sakes, we cannot give up the struggle." You can see why so many people consider him a national treasure and you can see why Blue America is so determined to help him keep his seat in the U.S. Senate. It's The People's seat amidst so many seats that belong to every sort of wealthy, powerful, selfish special interest. If you can help, please give what you can afford.

A Right Wing Plot To Delegitimize Democracy?

Many progressives, though certainly not all, are disappointed with President Obama for acquiescing to right-wing talking points about deficits and Austerity. It got worse yesterday. But it's still a touchy-- and some even say still nuanced-- topic in Democratic circles. But I think what all Democrats-- and hopefully most Americans-- can agree on is that the extremist obsession with delegitimizing Barack Obama, no matter how you feel about what a weak and ineffective president he is and how angry you may be that he caves to the corporate right, and his presidency is destructive to the country. The GOP version of a "debate" over how to handle the debt ceiling is an attempt at a modern day coup d'etat by the far right. Making the country ungovernable, wrecking the economy and threating the well-being of millions of families is standard operating procedure for fascistic movements. And it's a procedure that has been more and more put into action by the Republicans since Obama was elected.

This weekend they have pulled every parliamentary trick out of their black hat to force the country into default-- or force President Obama out of his comfort zone and into acting on his own to protect the country from their nilhilism in a way that will trigger immediate impeachment hearings. It has long been clear that the ONLY solution to this manufactured debt ceiling "crisis" is to pass a clean bill and then go back to fighting over competing agendas without jeopardizing the fiscal life of American families, businesses, the country itself-- and the world economy.

And as for the competing agendas, we've seen what the conservative agenda is: more grossly unfair tax cuts for the rich and lots of "shared" sacrifice of the rest of us. THEY ARE GUNNING FOR MEDICARE IN A BIG WAY. And after that they want to abolish Social Security by privatizing it. If we don't have a president willing to stand up and protect the values and principles behind Medicare and Social Security, it makes all the more crucial that we have Members of Congress who will.

We've been talking to Blue America's endorsed candidates about a statement that sums up where they stand on the competing agendas. In the end, former and future Congressman Alan Grayson wrote it and Ed Potosnak, Nick Ruiz, Ilya Sheyman and Norman Solomon signed onto it. Please read it carefully. Blue America won't be endorsing any candidates this cycle who can't embrace these ideas with heartfelt enthusiasm:

Every one of us either collects Social Security benefits, or hopes one day to do so. Virtually every one of us who works for a living contributes to Social Security, and earns the right to Social Security. For many of us, without Social Security benefits, we would have work until the day we die.

Every one of us either enjoys Medicare coverage, or hopes one day to do so. Virtually every one of us who works for a living contributes to Medicare, and earns the right to Medicare coverage. For many of us, when we are old and sick, Medicare coverage will be the difference between our own life and death.

Any one of us can fall prey to poverty. For some, poverty might come through sickness, injury, disability or medical bills. For others, it might come from a lack of education, or from discrimination and bigotry. Or it may come with unemployment or divorce. Regardless of how it happens, any one of us who is poor and sick, or becomes poor and sick, may need Medicaid coverage to alleviate terrible pain and suffering, and even to stay alive.

A just society is one that shelters the homeless, feeds the hungry, and heals the sick. It is one that honors our fathers and mothers. Our first responsibility as Americans is to meet our own needs, and to take care of ourselves. We are judged by how we treat the least among us, the most vulnerable among us.

Therefore, all we who sign this make the following pledge, to the voters of our districts and to all the American People:

We Are Against Any and Every Cut to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Not today, not tomorrow, and not ever. No way, no how. Not on your life, and not on mine, because both your life and my life may depend on it.


Do you approve? Please show your encouragement to Alan Grayson, Ed Potosnak, Nick Ruiz, Ilya Sheyman and Norman Solomon at our Blue America Act Blue page. Actually, showing encouragement is only part of what we're asking. We need to help these guys get elected to Congress so they can put these ideas into practice.


So while John Conyers is calling for demonstrations at the White House against Obama's deal, Paul Krugman is brutally honest in the Times: "Make no mistake about it, what we’re witnessing here is a catastrophe on multiple levels... [M]any commentators will declare that disaster was avoided. But they will be wrong."

For the deal itself, given the available information, is a disaster, and not just for President Obama and his party. It will damage an already depressed economy; it will probably make America’s long-run deficit problem worse, not better; and most important, by demonstrating that raw extortion works and carries no political cost, it will take America a long way down the road to banana-republic status.

Start with the economics. We currently have a deeply depressed economy. We will almost certainly continue to have a depressed economy all through next year. And we will probably have a depressed economy through 2013 as well, if not beyond.

The worst thing you can do in these circumstances is slash government spending, since that will depress the economy even further. Pay no attention to those who invoke the confidence fairy, claiming that tough action on the budget will reassure businesses and consumers, leading them to spend more. It doesn’t work that way, a fact confirmed by many studies of the historical record.

Indeed, slashing spending while the economy is depressed won’t even help the budget situation much, and might well make it worse. On one side, interest rates on federal borrowing are currently very low, so spending cuts now will do little to reduce future interest costs. On the other side, making the economy weaker now will also hurt its long-run prospects, which will in turn reduce future revenue. So those demanding spending cuts now are like medieval doctors who treated the sick by bleeding them, and thereby made them even sicker.

And then there are the reported terms of the deal, which amount to an abject surrender on the part of the president. First, there will be big spending cuts, with no increase in revenue. Then a panel will make recommendations for further deficit reduction-- and if these recommendations aren’t accepted, there will be more spending cuts.

Republicans will supposedly have an incentive to make concessions the next time around, because defense spending will be among the areas cut. But the G.O.P. has just demonstrated its willingness to risk financial collapse unless it gets everything its most extreme members want. Why expect it to be more reasonable in the next round?

In fact, Republicans will surely be emboldened by the way Mr. Obama keeps folding in the face of their threats. He surrendered last December, extending all the Bush tax cuts; he surrendered in the spring when they threatened to shut down the government; and he has now surrendered on a grand scale to raw extortion over the debt ceiling. Maybe it’s just me, but I see a pattern here.

Did the president have any alternative this time around? Yes.

First of all, he could and should have demanded an increase in the debt ceiling back in December. When asked why he didn’t, he replied that he was sure that Republicans would act responsibly. Great call.

...It is, of course, a political catastrophe for Democrats, who just a few weeks ago seemed to have Republicans on the run over their plan to dismantle Medicare; now Mr. Obama has thrown all that away. And the damage isn’t over: there will be more choke points where Republicans can threaten to create a crisis unless the president surrenders, and they can now act with the confident expectation that he will.

And Krugman's editors agreed with him. They were brutally honest too, calling the SatanSandwich deal "a nearly complete capitulation to the hostage-taking demands of Republican extremists. It will hurt programs for the middle class and poor, and hinder an economic recovery."

California's Most Outstanding Senate Candidate--Blue America Endorses Tony Mendoza for CA State Senate

Last night Wisconsin's extreme right Governor, ideologue Scott Walker, suffered a major rebuke when his acolyte, Jeff Stone, was soundly defeated in the race for his old job, Milwaukee County Executive, by a little-known Democrat, Chris Abele. It was a stunning 60-40% loss for the Republicans.

People think that California is a far more solidly Blue state where there's much less to worry about. True enough, California has a Democratic governor, state Senate and state Assembly. But that's hardly the end of the story. All of the Republicans and nearly all of the Democrats are in the pockets of the big money lobbyists, who practically run Sacramento. You can count the number of dyed-in-the-wool progressives in the legislature on the fingers of one hand. Last month Digby, John and I spent some time with one of the most outstanding and courageous of them, Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, who has had a spectacular career in the Assembly and is campaigning for the state Senate seat opening up in his East L.A. area.

Blue America is proud to endorse him and proud to ask you to consider making a contribution to his Senate campaign.

Tony, the son of immigrant parents, farm workers, is a former school teacher and the first in his family to go to college. Public education is close to his heart and he has been one of California's most outspoken champions for teachers and students. "I have benefited," he told us, "from a system that is free, open and non-discriminatory. The greatest strength of the U.S. educational system is universal access to public education. This belief is what keeps our country competitive. It is what fuels the American dream. More than 90 percent of students in the United States attend public schools. And if they try hard, almost all of them have the opportunity to go to college-- the opportunity to make whatever they wish of their lives. I fight for public education not only because I am a former public school teacher of 10 years, but because I am one of those kids you read about who has defied the odds and graduated from college. I know I couldn’t have done it without a strong public education system and I am committed to preserving, protecting and strengthening it for the benefit of future generations.”

When Tony got to the Assembly, instead of resigning himself to a go-along-to-get-along mode, he moved right into action, never fearing controversy. His very first bill, A.B. 97 in 2007 was all about ending the use of trans fats in California restaurants. With the special interests-- particularly the California Restaurant Association and the Chamber of Commerce-- lined up solidly against him, it literally looked impossible. It took two years and he didn't get a single Republican vote, but he managed to get it passed and signed into law. "We're the first state to require restaurants to cook without artery-clogging trans-fats, which have been linked to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Banning their use helped to reduce the number of cases of cardiovascular disease-- the No. 1 killer in the nation-- by an estimated 6 to 19 percent, reducing health care costs and most importantly, saving lives.”

That's why Tony is in government service-- to make a real difference in people's lives. It's why Digby, John and I have decided to try to help keep him in government service and why we're recommending him today. Right now we're working with him on a bill he's shepherding through the legislative process again, A.B. 22, a model for what progressives in Washington would like to do. Tony's bill would prevent employers from using credit reports to discriminate against workers. It's already passed both houses twice and was vetoed twice by Schwarzenegger. “A credit report," Tony told us, "is not a good indicator of a person’s trustworthiness or work ethic. Many Californians are still experiencing financial hardships from the economic downturn including layoffs, high unemployment rates, and the ongoing foreclosure crisis. All of these things make it harder for people to pay their bills. Consider the condition of the economy and the negative effect these circumstances can have on a person’s credit-- a credit report is an unfair lens through which to view job applicants. Using credit checks in the hiring process decreases employment opportunities. Many people have blemishes on their credit reports, especially at this time in our economy. Preventing someone from becoming employed due to a poor credit history is shameful. This bill will simply remove an unnecessary barrier to employment for those seeking jobs.”

It's likely the L.A. Democratic Machine will run a candidate more easy for them to deal with against Tony. Blue America is proud to endorse him and proud to ask you to consider making a contribution to his Senate campaign. Tony will be joining us for a live chat at Crooks and Liars 2pm (PT) on Thursday and we hope you can come by and meet him. He's an extraordinary guy-- and a leader for the future.

Thanks for doing what you can,
digby, John, Howie and the Blue America team

New Jersey's Biggest Hypocrite-- The New Blue America Ad Leonard Lance Forced Us To Make

Last night Forbes Magazine summed up our dilemma: because technically our first ad was inaccurate-- we didn't mention that Lance was still taking government-subsidized healthcare paid for by New Jersey taxpayers through the state plan instead of the far less costly federal congressional plan-- we had to stop running it on WCTC, 1450AM in Somerset. "[T]he reason Rep. Lance turned down the federal benefits," explains Forbes "is because he’s already getting a better policy at a much better deal from the State of New Jersey. As a retiree from the state senate, he qualified for a free Cadillac style health care plan the state provides for retirees and their families (he does have to pay co-pays but no premiums) for life."

That would be one of the programs that have come under attack by conservative Governor Chris Christie in his battle with public employee unions over the unusually lucrative benefits paid to retiring public servants.

Oops. So much for sacrificing to make a point.

...What is important here is that Rep. Lance and his family are in great shape when it comes to their own health care thanks to the generosity of the taxpayers of New Jersey. As for the Americans who would be denied health coverage by Lance’s repeal vote-- coverage that does not even begin to approach the quality of what the good Congressman is receiving for free-- well, I guess that’s a personal problem for Americans that Rep. Lance cannot be bothered about.

So... our new ad (above) is ready to go and we're getting it up on WCTC this week. And we'd like to get it on some other stations as well. Can you help us do that through our ActBlue page?

Ed Potosnak, the Blue America-endorsed candidate from 2010, who is looking like Lance's likely challenger in 2012 as well, is demanding that Lance "come clean with New Jerseyans and admit the radio ads run on WCTC were essentially correct." We agree.

Lance claimed ads educating listeners to the fact that he voted to deny everyday Americans the benefits, protections, and security he gets through Government provided healthcare for him and his family were false. After Congressman Lance requested the ad be pulled because he forwent federal insurance, what Mr. Lance was attempting to conceal was then uncovered. Congressman Lance’s family health insurance is being paid for by New Jersey taxpayers, to the tune of $1,906.42 per month, or $22,877.04 per year, more than twice the cost of the federal plan.


“If we are going to get our edge back in America we need to change the people in Washington because our families are taxed enough and deserve some honesty,” Potosnak added. “I am committed to creating jobs for unemployed Americans by simulating innovation, research and development and improving education,” he concluded.

When Lance's clueless bully of a Chief of Staff, Todd Mitchell, insisted WCTC stop running the ad because of the technicality, he stepped in it big time. "I should've kept my mouth shut," he moaned to the Cherry Hill Post-Courier when Lance was exposed trying to mislead his own constituents by making them believe he was paying for his own healthcare without any government subsidies, the way he insists they do.

We'll look forward to helping Democrats win back this seat, one that President Obama won in 2010, next year and replacing a hypocritical and dishonest career politician with a forward-thinking progressive, hopefully Ed Potosnak. Somehow I have a feeling New Jersey residents are sick and tired of being represented by Snooki and Leonard Lance. Again, give us a hand if you can with the ad here and... listen to it again:

John Amato: Here's my quote from Blue America's press release:

"Governor Christie," said Amato, "claims he's opposed to these Cadillac style plans for state retirees. Well Lance's plan is a Rolls Royce, not a Caddy and he didn't need to be burdening New Jersey taxpayers with his family healthcare. He could have done what almost every other member of Congress did-- including all the other Republicans in the New Jersey delegation-- and accepted the federal plan. Or is Christie's opposition just for public employee unions-- teachers, firefighters and policemen-- and not for career politicians like Lance?"

Alan Grayson's Got Your Back on Foreclosure Fraud. Won't you get his on November 2nd? UPDATED

You know, when America's worst columnist devotes an entire piece to his eliminationist right-wing wish for the voters to "purge" you from the American scene, you have to figure you're scoring, and against some sensitive targets. Why else target you?

Well, Alan Grayson has been fighting the good fight for the people of Florida 08 since he hit the halls of Congress in 2009. And he's been out in front of every other politician in the country in demanding accountability for the greatest banking fraud scandal in American history. When he heard reports of banks foreclosing on homes they didn't own, he didn't consult pollsters or political strategists, Grayson took action and requested that the Florida Supreme Court step in. That public request got the ball rolling and Attorney's General and state officials across the nation looked at the evidence of similar fraudulent behavior and called for moratoriums on foreclosures.

As this foreclosure fraud scandal unfolds, Grayson remains at the forefront of those demanding accountability, speaking plainly and assertively of the need for this criminal behavior to come to and end so the country can finally start to rebuild from the rubble. And like Republicans running for national office all over America, his opponent has breathed nary a word about it, fearing, as they all do, the wrath of the big banks and wealthy financial interests who want to sweep this under the rug to protect their profits.

If you want someone who isn't afraid to take on the big corporate interests, someone who isn't afraid to take on entrenched political power, who isn't afraid, period, you'll vote for Alan Grayson. He's got your back -- won't you get his?

You can donate to his campaign to help him keep fighting the good fight, here.


VP Joe Biden and the White House stepped up their support for him even after the DCCC snubbed Alan Grayson and are hosting a fundraiser for him. This is great news, but remember that Grayson is the #1 enemy of Republicans and Tea Partiers.

Please help him out if you can especially after George Will unleashed a vicious attack on him. This only proves how effective Grayson has been at fighting back against the Republicans every day he's spent in Congress.

You can donate to his campaign to help him keep fighting the good fight, here.

What Has Bobby Bright Earned?

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This is from his own ad; he's braggin'-- he even uses a 2 decades old photo of the vain Boehner

You may have noticed a building antipathy here at DWT towards reactionary Democrat, Bobby Bright. Before he started his campaign ads, Bright had already marked himself out as the single most reactionary Democrat in the House. His ProgressivePunch score-- a dismal 19.83 (out of 100)-- is not just the lowest Democrat's score; it's also lower than two conservative Republicans'! Bright has shown his fealty to Boehner on every single contentious issue that has come before Congress in the past two years. In fact, when SCHIP came up for it's final vote only two Democrats crossed the aisle to vote against health care for needy children and Bright, of course, was one of the two. He has been sure to noisily vote against a woman's right to Choice (and, like Christine O'Donnell, he's even been against contraception), against equality for the LGBT community, against health care reform, against Wall Street reform, against energy legislation... You name it-- if Barack Obama was for it, Bobby Bright was against it. And that's been the theme of his reelection campaign, a reelection campaign that the latest polling shows he might be winning.

His ads and campaign statements target and demonize Nancy Pelosi, while building up... John Boehner. He's flat-out declared he won't vote for her as Speaker, the minimum Democrats have required of their candidates. This hasn't stopped the clods at the DCCC from spending more on Bright than on any other Democratic incumbent, close to a million dollars so far with more coming-- enough money to have shored up the shaky seats of real Democrats like Alan Grayson, Raúl Grijalva, John Hall, Mary Jo Kilroy and Carol Shea Porter or to have won races by cash-starved progressive challengers Ed Potosnak, Bill Hedrick, Billy Kennedy, Joyce Elliott, Beth Krom and Justin Coussoule. If the Democrats lose the majority-- or if its close enough to matter-- it is widely assumed in Washington that Bright will jump the fence if he's reelected and officially join the party he's always supporting anyway.

But the stupid, incompetent Republicans haven't figured out how to beat him. They're busy calling him a Nancy Pelosi pawn in the white suburbs of Montgomery, where he-- and his reactionary politics-- are quite popular. So Blue America decided to point out his record to some other of Bright's constituents. Yesterday, we began a massive, targeted radio and TV campaign in just 4 counties, the 4 counties where Barack Obama did best in 2008, the 4 counties most badly effected by Bright's anti-family votes, the 4 counties that make it hard for a Democrat to win district-wide without landslide victories: Lowndes, Bullock, Barbour and Butler. When the African-American precincts in and around Montgomery were gerrymandered into the 3rd CD, the 2nd was left as a hopeless Republican bastion. It's a freak of nature that even a throwback Democrat as far to the right as Bright could have ever won the seat. He won it 144,368-142,578... but with massive support from the African-American voters in Lowndes, Bullock, Barbour and Butler counties, voters whose interests he has consistently ignored since being elected. Obama only won 36% of the vote in Alabama's 2nd CD but he won landslides in Lowndes County (5,447 to 1,807) and Bullock County (4,001 to 1,389) and ties in Butler and Barbour counties. This is the radio ad some local actors have made for us:

It was paid for by a single targeted contribution. No general Blue America PAC money was used to make it or to put it on the air. And we're aware that not everyone thinks it's sage to help defeat a Democrat in a perilous election like this. But what exactly does Bobby Bright bring to the table? What good would saving his seat do? He's already announced he won't vote for Pelosi (which means he won't vote to organize the House for the Democrats). He votes with the GOP on every contentious issue. He works within the Democratic caucus to destroy or water down every single piece of progressive legislation he can get his hands on. And he denigrates the Democratic brand with his framing, making it seem toxic to even be a Democrat. Yesterday when Crisitunity at SwingState reported on our I.E., he offered that "This has to be one of the weirdest IEs of the cycle: Blue America is spending in AL-02 of all places, and they're spending $48K against Bobby Bright. I guess they hate Blue Dogs just that much." Well... it isn't really about Blue Dogs per se. We even helped raise some money for one, Mike Michaud (ME) when he worked on the public option and we've been fair to moderate Blue Dogs who break from the pack and do good things from time to time, like Patrick Murphy. This is about Bobby Bright and that should be clear to anyone who bothers to look at his record and his political framing. When Democrats passed the DISCLOSE Act in the House, to stop the flow of foreign money into American elections, something they knew would be a boon for the GOP and a disaster for Democrats, Bright was one of the Blue Dogs to cross the aisle and vote with the Republicans. He is one of only five Democrats-- each a reactionary-- who has been endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the funnel for millions of yuan, dinars and rubles being used to pervert our country's political system.

If you'd like to help us with this ad, you can do it here. Otherwise, consider helping keep progressive champions like Alan Grayson and Raúl Grijalva in office or help progressive House challengers like Bill Hedrick, Ann Kuster, Justin Coussoule, Ed Potosnak, Billy Kennedy and Joyce Elliott or Senate challengers like Elaine Marshall, Joe Sestak and Jack Conway.

This is a Democratic Party ad that was released this morning. Does it get you angry at Republicans? It should. But every single thing it says about Republicans, it also says about Bobby Bright (upon whose reelection efforts the DCCC has thus far lavished $1,128,188.33):

Election Day Is Three Weeks Away

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There's some extra money in the Blue America PAC and we'd like to do something with it... immediately. Can we get your opinion? These are some of the ideas we're tossing around:

-A new ad in Ohio's 8th district to help progressives there replace John Boehner-- an agent of corporate dominance and of a foreign power-- with West Point grad Justin Coussoule. The new ad is on this ActBlue contribution page-- and don't flip out when you see it; we know it's edgy but it would only be run in Butler, Montgomery and Mercer counties.

-Spread the Virginia Foxx ad out from Forsyth County across all of northwest North Carolina, from Statesville and Mount Airy to Boone. You can see the ad that we hope will inspire voters to replace extremist and bigot Virginia Foxx with upright progressive Billy Kennedy here.

-We haven't raised enough money to buy TV spots in the Alaska Senate race. And we have a great ad all ready to go. Should we try it? Take a look and if you agree this is a good thing to do, lend a hand.

-Another BeatBoehner billboard! You can vote for the one you think we should put up at the link by clicking on the image you like and donating whatever you feel like putting in. Your contribution, big or small, will count as a vote.

-Just write a check for either Russ Feingold's campaign, Alan Grayson's campaign or Bill Hedrick's campaign.

Or perhaps you have another idea. We'd like to know. You can e-mail us at At this point, it's mostly all about the money to make these things happen, although if you have a great idea to help elect progressives over reactionaries, we want to know about it. Contribute to the one of the ideas above-- whether just one dollar or five dollars or... well, the sky is now the limit; the Supreme Court has eliminated all limits, although we are not interested in taking any contributions, no matter now well-intentioned, from anyone who is not an American citizen.

Despite yesterday's claims from Ed Gillespie, Rove's partner in deploying millions of corporate dollars into Republican campaigns, neither the NY Times nor the Washington Post has "refudiated" the claims that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is acting as a funnel between the GOP and malignant foreign interests but putting millions of dollars in rubles and yuan into Republican campaigns.

Both merely quoted Chamber of Commerce officials who only discussed the limited “AmCham” funds, only one of several avenues for foreign funding of the Chamber. Both articles recognized that there is no outside oversight of the Chamber’s money flow. “Money, however, is fungible,” the New York Times editorial board explained, “and it is impossible for an outsider to know whether the group is following its rules.” As the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent writes, “The Chamber still hasn’t addressed in any detail the core allegation against it.”

In fact, Think Progress has carefully shown how the Republicans are getting immense amounts of funding from foreign powers with a vested interest in making sure America is poorly and incompetently governed by idiots like John Boehner and Christine O'Donnell. If we can't combat that dollar for dollar-- and we can't-- we have to combat it by being smarter.

Blue America Welcomes Back Our Old Friend, Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy

You may have noticed, that with the exception of Alan Grayson, there haven't been any incumbents on the Blue America endorsement list this year-- at least not until now. Ohio freshman, Mary Jo Kilroy, who we worked so hard to elect in 2008 and who has been such a stand-up progressive fighter is, like Grayson, under severe attack from the GOP. And the DCCC has taken a hands-off approach so far. Today Mary Jo is joining us for a live blogging session below in the comments forum and Congressional Progressive Caucus chairman Raúl Grijalva has offered to personally match every donation up to a thousand dollars we can raise for Mary Jo on our Blue America page this afternoon. I hope you'll chip in what you can.

Most readers here have probably heard most recently about Mary Jo because of the letter that she drafted, with the help of Grijalva and Grayson, to prevent the Cat Food Commission from trying to balance the budget on the backs of Social Security recipients. But that kind of legislative attitude is what regularly made Mary Jo Kilroy such a valuable leader for ordinary working families-- and, of course, a target for the special interests and their Republican allies. Normally she and Grayson are hard at work inside the House Financial Services Committee looking out for the interests of ordinary middle class families, instead of the bankers and special interests lobbyists who feel so very entitled to be served by that committee. (Her opponent, Steve Stivers, I might add, is not just a close ally of John Boehner's, he's also a career-long banking lobbyist eager to repeal Wall Street Reform.)

This week Stivers and Boehner were hysterical over a widely popular bill Mary Jo wrote, the Medical Debt Relief Act, which is meant to prevent credit bureaus from using paid off or settled medical debt against consumers seeking car loans, home mortgages and the like. The problems addressed have affected nearly 72 million working-age adults who have some sort of medical debt listed on their credit reports. The bill passed unanimously through mark up. The bill passed unanimously in the Committee; not even the worst reactionary Wall Street shills dared to vote against it-- and it should have passed by a voice vote but Boehner, sensing the House was about to give Mary Jo a big legislative win, decided to cause problems, and placed a hold on the bill requiring Republicans and Democrats to negotiate whether or not a recorded vote would be necessary. The Republican Study Committee then got into the act claiming the bill would have all sorts of false unintended consequences, straight up fabricating a rationale for Republicans to vote against it. Mary Jo swung into action and beat back Boehner's purely partisan attempts to destroy the much needed legislation. More Republicans voted with Mary Jo (87) than with Boehner (81) and the bill passed with a huge bipartisan majority, 336-82.

Since being elected, Mary Jo Kilroy played a very active role in crafting Wall Street reform regulations. She authored key provisions, including one that would end the credit rating bureau's ability to stamp AAA ratings on junk mortgage assets by putting serious penalties on them for approving bad assets. She was one of the key players and proponents in ensuring a strong Consumer Financial Protection Board and she was one of two freshmen to serve on the Wall Street Reform Conference Committee where she fought behind the scenes against the Senate for greater consumer protections. Along with Obama's new chief of staff, Peter Rouse, she was the first Member of Congress to call for Elizabeth Warren to head the CFPB.

Stivers, who she beat in 2008 by less than 2,000 votes, is being financed by the banking industry and by all kinds of right-wing special interests eager to take out Mary Jo. Currently he has $1,242,961 in his warchest to her $933,626 (figures as of the June 30 FEC report). He's part of the disgraced GOP Young Guns program and they, along with GOP front groups, are funneling large amounts of money into this key race. Almost all the Democrats likely to lose in November are Blue Dogs who have courted failure by voting with the GOP and betraying the base. Mary Jo-- like Carol Shea-Porter and Alan Grayson-- are the exceptions. The nature of their GOP-leaning districts and their refusal to back away from middle class values and Democratic principles are what has made them targets for the far right. Last weekend the Columbus Post Dispatch had this to say about the race:

Unlike many other Democrats elected in swing districts, Kilroy did not shy away from taking liberal positions on issues. She was an enthusiastic backer of President Barack Obama's health-care reforms and economic-stimulus package, voting to raise the debt ceiling to accommodate the spending. And she played a key role in crafting tough new regulations on Wall Street practices.

Kilroy's supporters say she fits the profile of a hard-working, policy-oriented freshman. Backers of Republican rival Steve Stivers, however, say Kilroy has consistently sided with liberal interests in Washington, ignoring the centrist nature of a district that includes parts of Columbus, its western suburbs and rural Madison and Union counties.

Stivers wants this year's election to be a referendum on Kilroy's policies, particularly on the economy and federal spending. Kilroy wants it to be a referendum on Stivers himself and what he represents-- seven years as a top lobbyist for a banking company.

"People in the 15th (district) have a very clear choice," Kilroy said. "They can vote for someone who spent a career as a banking lobbyist and supported the kinds of policies that led to the recession and 'too big to fail,' or they can support someone who has been a watchdog and an advocate for the middle class. I think it makes a difference that people know I'm on their side."

Left jab of the day by Blue America and Americans for America: John Boehner's big booze tab

BOEHNER: Jersey Shore Speaker/Frat Boy Spends $150k on Steak & Booze!

Left jab of the day by Blue America and Americans for America: Alaska's Craziest Catch-Joe Miller

THE CRAZIEST CATCH: Alaska's Joe Miller.

John Amato

Blue America PAC and Americans for America have teamed up once again and bring our newest ad. it's safe to say that Joe Miller represents the teaBirchers perfectly. They'd rather see working class Americans go bankrupt when they lose their jobs, go without food and medical care when they are retired except of course if they have plenty of cash. Helping every day Americans for Teabirchers is like making Vampires drink holy water. Their insides begin to burn until their bodies explode. It's too bad because many of the people voting for TeaBirchers someday will have to face the consequences of their actions and it won't be a pretty site for them, but more importantly it will be hell in America for most of our citizens.

Here's some of our our press release:

Blue America PAC and, two cutting edge Netroots political action committees, are launching a daily video campaign targeting GOP/Tea Party candidates every day from today through Election Day, November 2.

Target #1: Joe Miller, the GOP/Tea Party Senate nominee in Alaska, who stunned mainstream Republicans by defeating Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

The PACs’ 1st video – Joe Miller: Alaksa’s Craziest Catch – presents Miller’s radical tea party as part of a parody of the hit Discovery Show <i>The Deadliest Catch</i>.

The script features an announcer similar to The Deadliest Catch, and a fisherman, responding to Joe Miller’s radical policy proposals, shouting distress signals:

– ANNOUNCER: From Barrow to Dutch Harbor, Joe Miller is Alaska’s Craziest Catch

– FISHERMAN: Man overboard!

– ANNOUNCER: Say goodbye to crab pots – and hello to Joe’s crackpot ideas.

– FISHERMAN: Reality overboard!

– ANNOUNCER: Like privatizing Social Security and Medicare...

– FISHERMAN: Grandma overboard!

– ANNOUNCER: And making unemployment illegal

– FISHERMAN: Women &amp; children overboard!

– ANNOUNCER: Joe even wants to reject money for Alaska’s roads and airports.

– FISHERMAN: Alaska overboard!

– ANNOUNCER: Joe Miller. Alaska’s Craziest Catch.

– FISHERMAN: Abandon ship!

Blue America PAC – organized by leading progressive blogs, Hullabaloo, and – is raising funds to air the spot on Alaska TV.

We are fundraising to air this ad on Alaskan TV so please do your best in supporting our actions. We're not sitting around idly while others just complain. Please help us and Meet Joe Miller, Alaska's Craziest Catch of all. Well, there is someone who might be able to top him.

Paid for by Blue America PAC,, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.