Election Day Is Three Weeks Away

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There's some extra money in the Blue America PAC and we'd like to do something with it... immediately. Can we get your opinion? These are some of the ideas we're tossing around:

-A new ad in Ohio's 8th district to help progressives there replace John Boehner-- an agent of corporate dominance and of a foreign power-- with West Point grad Justin Coussoule. The new ad is on this ActBlue contribution page-- and don't flip out when you see it; we know it's edgy but it would only be run in Butler, Montgomery and Mercer counties.

-Spread the Virginia Foxx ad out from Forsyth County across all of northwest North Carolina, from Statesville and Mount Airy to Boone. You can see the ad that we hope will inspire voters to replace extremist and bigot Virginia Foxx with upright progressive Billy Kennedy here.

-We haven't raised enough money to buy TV spots in the Alaska Senate race. And we have a great ad all ready to go. Should we try it? Take a look and if you agree this is a good thing to do, lend a hand.

-Another BeatBoehner billboard! You can vote for the one you think we should put up at the link by clicking on the image you like and donating whatever you feel like putting in. Your contribution, big or small, will count as a vote.

-Just write a check for either Russ Feingold's campaign, Alan Grayson's campaign or Bill Hedrick's campaign.

Or perhaps you have another idea. We'd like to know. You can e-mail us at downwithtyranny@gmail.com/ At this point, it's mostly all about the money to make these things happen, although if you have a great idea to help elect progressives over reactionaries, we want to know about it. Contribute to the one of the ideas above-- whether just one dollar or five dollars or... well, the sky is now the limit; the Supreme Court has eliminated all limits, although we are not interested in taking any contributions, no matter now well-intentioned, from anyone who is not an American citizen.

Despite yesterday's claims from Ed Gillespie, Rove's partner in deploying millions of corporate dollars into Republican campaigns, neither the NY Times nor the Washington Post has "refudiated" the claims that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is acting as a funnel between the GOP and malignant foreign interests but putting millions of dollars in rubles and yuan into Republican campaigns.

Both merely quoted Chamber of Commerce officials who only discussed the limited “AmCham” funds, only one of several avenues for foreign funding of the Chamber. Both articles recognized that there is no outside oversight of the Chamber’s money flow. “Money, however, is fungible,” the New York Times editorial board explained, “and it is impossible for an outsider to know whether the group is following its rules.” As the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent writes, “The Chamber still hasn’t addressed in any detail the core allegation against it.”

In fact, Think Progress has carefully shown how the Republicans are getting immense amounts of funding from foreign powers with a vested interest in making sure America is poorly and incompetently governed by idiots like John Boehner and Christine O'Donnell. If we can't combat that dollar for dollar-- and we can't-- we have to combat it by being smarter.

Ohio shouldn't be represented by someone working for China-- Help Justin Beat Boehner

It probably won't surprise you to find out that the DCCC is basically using all their resources to save the seats of anti-Choice, antigay, anti-healthcare, pro-Big Business Blue Dogs and doing nothing whatsoever to help progressive challengers take on the worst of the reactionary Republicans who are such a threat to our country. Here at Blue America we're working hard to give Justin Coussoule a fighting chance to beat the orange golfer who would be Speaker, John Boehner. But we've run into a little hitch. Actually a big one-- using the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a vehicle, China, Russia and several other foreign powers with a vested interest in seeing Boehner win the Speaker's chair have funneled millions of dollars into the midterm elections. Howie wrote extensively about this yesterday.

Because of Blue America donors we've been able to help put Justin on the map with our billboard campaign and a modest TV ad campaign in Butler County. Now we're ready to knock Boehner's block off. Can you help? Blue America's ad team are putting together what we think will be the blow that will hit Boehner so hard that just could actually win this race!

There are very clear differences between Boehner and Justin, differences that voters need to hear about. Boehner adamantly opposes a woman's right of Choice and would like to see Roe v Wade overturned. Justin is just as adamant that the government has no business interfering with this kind of difficult personal decision and that it's a matter for a woman, her family and her physician to work out. Boehner opposes equality for the LGBT community. More in tune with contemporary feelings on the subject, Justin feels no Americans should be discriminated against under the law. Boehner vociferously opposed the whole concept of Wall Street reform while Justin feels that a legitimate and necessary role of government is to protect consumers and workers from powerful predatory forces. Boehner has been a tireless champion of trade legislation-- from NAFTA and CAFTA to the WTO/GATT and most favored status for China-- that has shipped millions of American jobs to low wage countries. Justin is campaigning for incentives to create good paying jobs in America. I  have a feeling that based on the above, we could tell you an issue and you would be able to guess which side Boehner is on and which side Justin is on.

The Chinese Communists are desperate to make John Boehner Speaker of the House. We want to make sure they fail. On this page you'll find a slot to donate to Justin's campaign and a slot to donate to the PAC for our ad buy. Legally we can't coordinate our buy with Justin's campaign and the money that goes for his campaign can't be used for the ad buy. The best scenario is to split whatever you feel like contributing between the two efforts.

Thanks again,

digby, Howie, and John and the Blue America team

Good Ole Glenn Beck Comes Through Again


Well... not exactly. You see, Blue America joined the Color of Change advertising boycott of the crazed and demented Glenn Beck Show on Fox. Every time we run an ad campaign, we instruct all the networks to not run any Blue America spots on Beck's programs. But they sometimes run them anyway. "Oh, no," you think? Actually, it's wonderful. Although he has a big-- albeit stupid-- audience, there are some people watching for the sheer hysteria and trainwreck quality of it all. So why wonderful? Well, every time they run a Blue America spot on his show, they refund the money. So we have his cake and eat it too.

Example, Blue America has spent nearly $100,000 this year making sure that voters in the 8 counties that make up the Arkansas' Democratic heartland were aware of Blanche Lincoln's voting record. More often than not, the vast majority of voters, anywhere, don't really know much about their candidates. They knew Blanche was a "Democrat," like FDR and JFK and Clinton and Obama... but not much more. And they have a pretty good idea about where Republicans stand when it comes to their attitudes towards working people. So Blanche benefited while she played footsie with the Chamber of Commerce and other right wing front organizations. Well, $100,000 in targeted advertising in just a few counties and go a very far way and we watched excitedly as Blanche's re-elect ratings went down and down and down, not in Republican counties, but in traditional Democratic areas along the Mississippi. She's unelectable now.

And last week we got another nice check back from our agency for $1,037 worth of ads that ran on Glenn Beck's shows in Arkansas. Usually we just turn the checks around and buy more ads on MSNBC or BET, the Food Channel, USA Network, HGTV or CNN. But Blanche is toast; no need to waste any more money on that one. And besides, the labor unions and other groups have come to the party with 4 or 5 million dollars. No one will miss our $1,037. So... what should we do with it? How about using it to help defeat a couple particularly noxious Blue Dogs?

You have noticed that five of our 8 endorsed candidates so far this year are running in primaries against especially egregiously conservative Democrats. Regina Thomas is running against anti-healthcare Blue Dog John Barrow in Georgia. Connie Saltonstall is taking on anti-choice and C-Street cultist Bart Stupak in northern Michigan. Doug Tudor (D-FL) is up against the only non-incumbent Blue Dog to have been officially endorsed by the Blue Dog Caucus, reactionary Lori Edwards. State Senator Craig Pridemore is being challenged by a stealth establishment candidate and multimillionaire, Denny Heck, in southern Washington. And Marcy Winograd is battling it out with Blue Dog and notorious warmonger Jane Harman in Los Angeles.

Hopefully by now you've seen this ad our friends at Donkey on the Edge, Steve Foster and Sean Hanish:

We're trying to get a 30 second version of this up on TV in eastern Georgia. It costs just $25 to run the ad on Anderson Cooper's CNN show in Vidalia or in Statesboro. It costs $175 for Augusta. Of course in Augusta we can use a secret weapon to reach people-- HGTV's "Property Virgins," which only costs $60. And I think the Colbert Nation will love the ad in Savannah where it costs $45 to run. CNN's "Situation Room" is a good deal in Statesboro and in Vidalia ($25) and will work in Savannah ($65) and Augusta ($70) too. We'd really appreciate it if you'd help us by contributing whatever you can to the Blue America PAC itself. And, let us know who else you'd like us to do a similar ad for by giving them a contribution with one cent added on. That one cent will count as a vote. So...vote here. And in the comments section can you let us know what you think are the best places to advertise our candidates on TV. We're not allowed to ask them-- it's the law-- so we're asking you.

Blue America vs The Chamber of Commerce in Arkansas

Adam Green finds this gem.

Does this ad from the Chamber of Commerce make you furious?

There are like only 200 views of this hideous ad. I hate to post it, but I think some of you who have donated to our Blanche Lincoln action need to be aware of what you have supported and the conservative forces that stand against us. The Chamber of Commerce supports the squishy Conservadem Blanche Lincoln (who is squatting the with Backus Dogs) with a new ad that actually has the audacity to say she's standing up for working families. If she were, then she'd be on board with the public option.

This is our ad running against it right now in heavy rotation in Lincoln's back yard.

As Howie Klein says: The ads run for another 8 days and they are running on CNN, Fox (minus Glenn Beck) and MSNBC in every part of the state.

This ad is part of our Blue America's Campaign for Health Care Choice.

We need your support and have several more actions on the way.

Paid for by Blue America PAC, blueamerica.crooksandliars.com, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.