Charlie Brown (CA-04) Needs Help With Tight Race


Charlie Brown has been one of Blue America's priority candidates for Congress for over 3 years now. We first got behind him when he was running an impossible race in one of California's most Republican districts-- the PVI is an astounding R+11-- against crooked right-wing extremist John Doolittle. In 2006 Charlie drew 97,217 votes (vs 104,746) and held Doolittle to under 50%. Doolittle and his wife have been indicted on corruption charges and he decided not to run again and the California GOP got behind an even more extreme right-wing fringe candidate, Tom McClintock, a carpetbagger from L.A.

Today, with around 50,000 votes left to count, this is a 50/50 race, the Secretary of State's website showing that just 889 votes separate Charlie and McClintock. If all votes get counted, Charlie will win. McClintock and his lawyers will do all they can to prevent that from happening. In a letter to supporters yesterday, McClintock admitted that when the bulk of votes from Nevada County show up on the board this week, he will have a deficit.

McClintock's legal team will challenge every vote for Charlie and these battles are costly. Blue America is working on the DCCC to help and we hope to make an announcement about that in a few days. Meanwhile we want to urge anyone who still has anything they can spare to chip in to Charlie Brown's campaign fund. Even $5 and $10 donations help and you can do it right here at the Crooks & Liars Blue America page. This isn't a race about just "more Democrats;" this is a race about a BETTER Democrat, a much better Democrat.

Darcy Burner finally succumbs to media hit job

Media error

I'm too distraught to write about this.

So go read Jesse Wendel. He pretty much sums it up: This was a media hit job.

It wasn't just the Seattle Times, incidentally, though they led the charge. Local talk radio -- particularly two very well-known jagoffs on the two biggest stations in town -- played a big role too.

I don't know if there will be a "next time" for Darcy. I do know that the Times' karmic bitch will be biting them in the ass for this in a big way.

Darcy Burner: Still in the media's Twilight Zone

Media error

I went to Darcy Burner's post-election party in Bellevue last night, and chatted with her as we watched the results come trickling in.

At the time, Darcy had a nice early lead, thanks to the early ballots. But we knew even then it wouldn't last, and sure enough, by the time I went home, the race was essentially tied.

We won't know the outcome of her race for a few days: Right now, Republican Rep. Dave Reichert has a a 900-vote lead, but only 41 percent of the vote has been counted.

Gauging from count trends we've seen so far, if Darcy is within shouting distance going into the final laps of counting, she has a very good shot at pulling out the win, since early-cast ballots went strongly for her.

Darcy was badly hurt in the last week or so of the campaign by the GOP's smear machine in claiming Burner "lied" about her Harvard degree, and especially by the disgraceful credulousness of the local press in picking up the story.

The leading disgrace was the Seattle Times, which managed even last night to smear Burner at the tail end. As we were hanging out in the comm room, HorsesAss blogger David Goldstein noticed that the Times was reporting that Darcy had gone home for the night and left her supporters behind. As it happened, Darcy was sitting next to us at the time. Here's Goldy's post, and a folo by McJoan.

You can see it all on the video.

And there's a special message to C&L readers from Darcy at the end.

UPDATE: Goldy find even more Times stupidity.

Shades Of The Sopranos: Someone Leaves Severed Goat Head At Charlie Brown HQ

Now to be fair, this could have been a Halloween prank, but Jiminy Cricket, what kind of mind thinks of a thing like this?



On Friday night, upon leaving the Charlie Brown for Congress campaign office in Grass Valley, staffers found a severed goat's head on the front step. [..]

Who in the world would do something like this? I don't care if it has nothing to do with the election, although putting it at a Brown campaign office obviously makes a certain connection. Authorities were involved in the removal and are looking into finding the perpetrator. If this is politically motivated, it is sad and cruel for someone to involve an innocent farm animal in their personal frustration or anger or derangement. Hopefully, those responsible will be caught.

The photos are more than a little graphic, and are available at Calitics, though I don't recommend going to the link if you are squeamish.

Sadly, despite being endorsed by his local newspaper against Republican rival Tom McClintock (the current seatholder, Republican John Doolittle did not seek re-election in the face of ongoing scandals), Charlie Brown is behind in the polls. If there are any C&Lers in the Sacramento/Grass Valley area who can volunteer at his office for one last "GOTV" effort, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

Blue America Candidate Round Up: Are you ready?

We've been busy trying to get our Blue America candidates elected with your help and add more and better Democrats to Congress.


Howie is doing all the heavy lifting, gathering information and putting together the pre-election round up over at his place. If you're a Blue America donor this cycle and want to know how it's going for our candidates, be sure to check in with him over the next couple of days and after the election for the full round up.

Yesterday, he wrote about Blue America's media work in this cycle


Stay tuned for more at Howie's place. We are poised to bring some better Democrats to congress this time and all of you who donated to Blue America and our candidates over the past year or so can take a look in the mirror and be proud that you helped elect some real progressives to Washington. It's not as sexy s Obamamania, but it's important.

Howie's been doing a series of progress reports and since so many of you have donated, please check them out as Tuesday is almost here.

The Daily Blue America Report-- #10

The Daily Blue America Report-- #9

Mean Jean Schmidt Breaks Pledge To Keep Campaign Positive

I don't know how to tell you this, Jean, but craven Republicans desperate to hold on to their seats cut and run from their word, patriots never do. Don't look now, but I think your knickers are on fire.

Just one week after making this pledge(.pdf), Schmidt releases an ad attacking rival (and Blue America candidate) Victoria Wulsin as a physician. Way to stay on the issues, Jean. In the interest of disclosure about the charges in the ad, I received this from the Wulsin campaign:

(I)n 2006, the Ohio Elections Commission ruled that Jean Schmidt displayed a “reckless disregard for the truth” during her 2005 campaign for Congress.

In 2004, Dr. Wulsin was hired as a consultant by the Cincinnati-based Heimlich institute to review existing research on a controversial treatment for AIDS and other diseases. Dr. Wulsin determined that the experiments failed and her consultancy was promptly terminated.

In April, after a “thorough review,” the State Medical Board of Ohio determined these false charges had no merit. Steve Black, who originally raised this issue in the Democratic Primary Election, endorsed Dr. Wulsin and said he accepted the State Medical Board of Ohio’s decision that these charges had no merit. [Rulon, Cincinnati Enquirer “Politics Extra Blog”, 8/7/08]

Though the ad attacks Dr. Wulsin’s record as a physician, she is supported by the Ohio State Medical Association and the American Medical Association as well as 10 other medical and health groups. Over 350 individual physicians have supported Dr. Wulsin’s campaign.

The false charges in Schmidt’s new ad are identical to charges made by the Congresswoman in fundraising letters earlier this year. After analyzing one such letter, the Cincinnati Enquirer characterized Schmidt’s attacks as “stretching the truth.” [Rulon, Cincinnati Enquirer, 6/15/08]

Well, turnabout is fair play, so Wulsin is putting out this ad in response:

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The Daily Blue America Report


Superb Congressperson Carol Shea-Porter

Texas-10- Early voting, increased Democratic voter registration, a lack of enthusiasm for McCain and for Republicans in general looks like it is turning one of Tom Delay's gerrymandered districts-- a big swatch of eastern and central Texas from Austin to the Houston suburbs-- blue. Larry Joe Doherty is doing an incredible job and Bush rubber stamp Michael McCaul is suddenly waking up to realize he may soon be working for his father-in-law directly. Today's Austin Statesman seems to have detected a bit of the old gloom and doom setting in at McCaul campaign headquarters.

After looking at the early voting turnout-- two to one, Democrat over Repug-- McCaul campaign manager Jack Ladd sent out an e-mail alert to right-wing activists: “This is very bad news. If you think your friends are volunteering, they are not. I know I’m not going to sit down and die, and I know you will not either. There are only 12 days left, and this is not a lifelong commitment, we are asking you just give part of a day or days and help keep CD10 Republican.”

Between the Rick Noriega, Barack Obama and SEIU ground campaigns-- not to mention Larry Joe's own-- McCaul would probably be better off spending the next 12 days in one of the snake-handling churches that support him begging for some of that sky-god intervention Palin is counting on.

New Hampshire-01- None of the freshmen elected in 2006 has been more forthright in battling the special interests and always keeping the interests of working families front and center than Carol Shea-Porter. Unfortunately, Jeb Bradley, the rubber stamp reactionary the voters in eastern New Hampshire decided to replace in 2006, is trying to get his old job back. And there's nothing he won't stoop to to get back to Washington. Right now he's using a poor distraught Gold Star mother to distort Carol's support for the troops and principled opposition to the war. Carol has received the endorsement of the VFW's PAC, and an A+ rating from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. What Bradley is trying to do to her is despicable.

Carol is a military spouse and has been one of the best friends our fighting men and women have in Congress but Bradley is callously manipulating this woman-- apparently driven insane and filled with partisan rage and hatred-- as an attack dog against Carol.

Bradley's corporately funded campaign includes the most vicious and deceitful ads being run by anyone from either party in New England. His ads are entirely based on distortion and outright lies-- like this ugliness. Fortunately New Hampshire is not Alabama and most of the voters there seem to see right through Bradley's slimefest. The two most recent polls-- both in October-- show Carol ahead of him by an average of 7 points. The problem is that Bradley was a 100% corporate shill before Carol banished him from Congress and K Street wants him back-- and right-wing front groups and hate organizations like Freedom's Watch are flooding the district with ads. Carol can really use our help-- and she's earned it.

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Live Blog: $10,000 Crooks And Liars Matching Fund For Debbie Cook

cook_tan_304_r1_0d71a_0.jpg Gus Ayer was the Mayor of Fountain Valley in Orange County when he first became a good friend of Blue America's. Today he's a senior advisor to Debbie Cook's congressional campaign. The other day we were talking about the difficulties a progressive challenger faces in a red district, especially with a DCCC seemingly so dedicated to electing lots and lots and lots of dull, go-along-to-get-along Blue Dogs. Debbie's neither a Blue Dog nor someone who goes along with anything she hasn't gone over thoroughly from every angle. As of September 30th, her opponent, Dana Rohrabacher, had $497,388 left to spend on a blitz of negative media. Debbie, who is getting zero help from the DCCC, is left with $30,284. Several Orange County Democrats pooled their money and came up with a $10,000 package that they are challenging DWT and Crooks & Liars readers to match today. Gus is joining us in the comments section here from 3-4pm PT to discuss the campaign. Here's his take on what's happening right now:

Dana Rohrabacher’s handlers have been keeping him out of the public eye because they know he’s really crazier than Michelle Bachman. He might talk about the Iraq war going badly because Bush picked the really handsome generals instead of the smart ones, rant about the threat from asteroids and the need for a “Death Star” in space, or start shouting about feminists, environmentalists, Mexicans and Chinese ruining America, or terrorists killing your family at Disneyland.

By contrast, Debbie Cook really represents the values of the district, an athlete who married her college sweetheart, and followed a progression of small business owner, PTA President, environmental activist, environmental attorney, then eight years on the City Council and as Mayor of Huntington Beach. She’s smart, driven, decent, and surprisingly modest, and for the last three years, she’s been working to educate local and regional leaders on Peak Oil and renewable energy.

Debbie doesn’t mince words about women’s issues, marriage equality, getting out of Iraq, or the need for single payer health. But her passion is energy and the need to act now to leave fossil fuels before they leave us.

We’re riding a wave of change here in Surf City, and Republicans panicked when they finally did internal polling and showed the race within the margin of error. We’ve gotten great response to our ads on cable, and we can still increase our buy for the last week. We’re on track to knock on almost every door in the district before the election more than once, and we’re getting tremendous support for GOTV from every environmental group, the unions, the nurses, PDA, and DFA.

We have targeted mail ready to go to hit the low-propensity voters and remind younger voters, women, seniors, veterans, Latinos, and Vietnamese that Rohrabacher is a ZERO while Debbie is a HERO. Every dollar you give today goes out the door to communicate to voters.

A series of donors have made a $10,000 matching dollar for dollar pledge.

And donating will allow them to keep this ad up on TV:

So please join me in welcoming Gus Ayers to C&L.

Help Blue America Get Alan Grayson's New Ad On The Air

Alan Grayson is one of the sharpest and most progressive Democrats running for Congress in any district. He was the very first Blue America endorsement in this cycle and he's been consistently beating the corrupt, Bush rubber stamp incumbent, Ric Keller, in every poll since the primary.

You probably remember that John and I were big advocates of John Cusack's film War, Inc but what you might not know is that we sent an early screening copy to Grayson's campaign and he used it in Orlando to help contextualize the Bush Regime's war in Iraq and profiteering by GOP corporate supporters. Tomorrow, Grayson will be launching his newest TV ad and Crooks & Liars just got a hold of an advance copy.

Take a look and if you like it, please donate to Alan Grayson's campaign through our Act Blue page. The first ten C&L donors today-- of at least $30-- will also get a free DVD of War, Inc compliments of John Cusack.

Please Welcome Rick Noriega (D-TX), Our Blue America Contest Winner

Rick Noriega is the Democratic nominee to replace Bush rubber stamp John Cornyn in Texas' U.S. Senate seat. This weekend Rick was the winner of the Blue America Senate contest, having inspired 947 donors (who contributed $20,500). We asked Rick to come by today, not just to congratulate him, but also to ask him how he would have approached the Paulson bailout had he been in Washington DC. Please join us in the comments section to speak with Rick.

Even though the contest is over, Rick needs donations so he can compete with Cornyn's huge corporate money machine. You can donate at the Blue America page.

Paid for by Blue America PAC,, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.