Alan Grayson: Is there any way to save the system other than showering taxpayer money on banks?

I love Alan Grayson. Blue America endorsed him when nobody thought he had a chance in hell to get elected. And he's taking the Hill by storm. If you want to understand the dynamic gripping Capitol Hill right now, it basically boils down to one question. Is there anything that can be done other than throw billions of dollars at banks? This is a Financial Services Committee hearing on how to fix the whole system (or in Washington-ese 'systemic risk').

Congressman Alan Grayson asks a number of financial services association directors this question, and most of them fumble around and filibuster the question. Until we find an answer, though, it's billions and billions of taxpayer money thrown at bank CEOs. Don't you just love that?

Help Blue America Get Alan Grayson's New Ad On The Air

Alan Grayson is one of the sharpest and most progressive Democrats running for Congress in any district. He was the very first Blue America endorsement in this cycle and he's been consistently beating the corrupt, Bush rubber stamp incumbent, Ric Keller, in every poll since the primary.

You probably remember that John and I were big advocates of John Cusack's film War, Inc but what you might not know is that we sent an early screening copy to Grayson's campaign and he used it in Orlando to help contextualize the Bush Regime's war in Iraq and profiteering by GOP corporate supporters. Tomorrow, Grayson will be launching his newest TV ad and Crooks & Liars just got a hold of an advance copy.

Take a look and if you like it, please donate to Alan Grayson's campaign through our Act Blue page. The first ten C&L donors today-- of at least $30-- will also get a free DVD of War, Inc compliments of John Cusack.

Please Vote In Our Blue America "Red to Blue" Contest

Saturday morning Crooks & Liars joined with our partners at FDL, Digby's Hullabaloo and DownWithTyranny to announce a week-long competition among some of our Blue America House candidates. We're offering $5,000 to candidate who gets the most votes from the readers of the four blogs. These are all candidates who are not on the DCCC's Red to Blue list.

All you have to do to vote is to stick at least one dollar (no more than $2,300) in the pot of the candidate you like best. A dollar counts as one vote; $2,300 counts as one vote. If you give one dollar a hundred times it counts as one vote. But, yes, you are welcome to vote for more than one candidate and that does count.

Since Saturday morning there have been 293 donors and Russ Warner, who's running against L.A. area Bush rubber-stamp David Dreier is way out in front. Russ' supporters have tossed in over $3,000. Altogether over $7,500 has been raised for the 9 candidates so far, aside from Russ, Debbie Cook (CA), Annette Taddeo (FL), Dennis Shulman (NJ), Larry Joe Doherty (TX), Alan Grayson (FL), Barry Walsh (IN), Sam Bennett (PA) and Jared Polis (CO).

We asked Democratic Party bosses Rahm Emanuel, Steny Hoyer, Chris Van Hollen, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz to each match our $5,000 check to the winner. None of them have... responded yet. Don't forget to vote! Winner will be announced next Saturday.

Blue America Candidate Alan Grayson's New Ad for Florida Seat

Hell yeah, that's the kind of ad all Democrats should be running. Howie has more:

Blue America-endorsed candidate running against garden variety rubber stamp Republican Ric Keller in an Orlando district that has been turning blue. Early balloting started this week for Florida's primary election and Alan has been the only candidate with a TV ad up-- and what a TV ad! If every Democratic candidate had an ad this powerful to run, we wouldn't be talking about 12-20 House seats; we'd be talking about 30-50. Of course, not every candidate has a story as compelling as Alan's. [..]

If you'd like to see Alan keep this running, please consider donating to his campaign at the Blue America ActBlue page.

Matt Stoller has more at Open Left: Alan Grayson on Iraq Reckoning: "We'll Put People in Prison"

C&L's Late Nite Music Club with Joni Mitchell

This morning our Blue America candidate was Alan Grayson, the progressive lawyer who's been taking on war profiteers in Iraq. He's also a major Joni Mitchell fan and he picked this one for us tonight, "Chinese Cafe" from Wild Things Run Fast.

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