Blue America Welcomes Back Alan Grayson for a Live Chat on "Money Bomb" day

In the 2006 cycle the candidate who attracted the most support from Blue America donors was Ned Lamont, with his campaign that served notice on the Democratic Establishment that the grassroots was unwilling to just eat up whatever crap it was served up from Inside the Beltway hacks. Blue America raised over $77,000 for him in our first year in action. The following cycle, saw another inspiring progressive primary challenger, Donna Edwards, attract the most donors and the largest amount (almost $65,000). It may be too early to tell, but it looks like 2010 cycle will mark the year of Alan Grayson. It's still only 2009 but Blue America has already raised over $30,000 for him-- without having even made an official endorsement! We've been collecting contributions for him at No Means No, a page dedicated to members of Congress who voted against Obama's supplemental war budget in June, and at Getting Grayson's Back, a page dedicated to standing up for him when he got GOP noses out of joint by telling the truth about their health care obstructionism.

Today Blue America is joining a netroots money bomb effort on behalf of Grayson, urging our community to band together and answer the Inside-the-Beltway and Villager mentality that says there's no room for a plainspoken truth-teller like Grayson in Congress. Nevermind, they tell you, that he studied economics at Harvard, then worked as an economist, then studied law at Harvard and then successfully pursued war profiteers and Bush cronies in Iraq-- even before being elected to Congress in a Republican district and becoming the scourge of banksters and assorted evil-doers dragged before the House Financial Services committee. No, to the Villagers, he's all about "outlandish rhetoric;" he's "the left's Michele Bachmann;" he's "pugilistic" and a "wing nut."

Rep. Grayson joins us below in the comments section where you can see for yourself he's quickly become the favorite member of Congress of Democrats and independents from across the country. And please, help out with the money bomb today.

Blue America Welcomes Back Two Old Friends, Joe Sestak And Ned Lamont

Yesterday Arlen Specter was back at his old media home, Fox News, singing a new tune, dancing the Lieberman shuffle, calling the GOP "a party of obstructionism." Well, he's got that right; they are. And until consistent polling showed that a right-wing extremist, Club For Growth head Pat Toomey, would kick his ass from Chester to Erie and from Waynesville to Carbondale in the Republican primary, Specter was very much a part of that obstructionist machine. Staring into the eyes of political mortality, Specter cut a deal with the White House to jump the fence and "become" a Democrat. He made the purely opportunistic switch on April 28. And here he was two weeks later on Meet The Press letting Pennsylvania voters know exactly what kind of a "Democrat" he would be:

Today he was calling his old colleagues obstructionists on the exact same issue for doing precisely what he was doing, although he has also bragged about how he will also vote with Republicans against Employees Free Choice. (The only difference is that he takes even more in thinly-veiled bribes from the Medical-Industrial Complex--$4,266,393, the most of any member of Congress who didn't run for president-- and Big Insurance--$1,058,655-- than most of them do.) Oh... and there's one more difference: Admiral Joe Sestak. Joe Sestak's constant pressure on behalf of working families has pushed Specter away from his unswerving support for his corporate donors. Petrified of being defeated in the Democratic primary, Specter sounds like he's almost a Democrat.

It was in the spring of 2006 that Blue America first started following Admiral Sestak as he sought, successfully, to dislodge another corrupt Republican barnacle obstructing progress in Washington, Curt Weldon. He was one of the first candidates our PAC ever endorsed and we have been immensely impressed by something that has distinguished Rep. Sestak from almost all the other members of Congress we've worked with. He is a critical thinker who seems to relish a debate of ideas. We don't always agree on every single issue but he never gets all brittle and uptight when challenged and he is always eager for input and eager to go through the thought processes that led him to make a decision. If there's one thing I've learned since starting Blue America, it's that no one is buying a member of Congress with an endorsement and no member of Congress will agree with you on every single vote. (Barney Frank once famously said even you wouldn't agree with you on every single vote.) What we do look for is someone with a sterling character who is open-minded, courageous and with inherently progressive sympathies. That's why we've continued to support Joe Sestak and why we asked him to come over to Crooks and Liars today for a live chat. He'll be joining us this afternoon at 3pm (PT), 6pm back in Pennsylvania. And he's bringing along another ole Blue America friend, Ned Lamont.

When I spoke to Rep. Sestak on the phone last week about the health-care debate, he was very forceful. "I'm going to have a very difficult time if I'm asked to vote for a bill that doesn't have a public option," he began. "I support a public option so that individuals are no longer stuck in insurance markets with no choices and no competition to bring down costs... I want to end unfair rationing by insurance company executives, like the small business owner who came into my District office because to complain about not being able to purchase insurance for herself or her employees because she had ovarian cancer ten years ago... As vice-chairman of the small business committee, I understand the need to reduce health care costs for small businesses. Only 62% of all small firms (less than 200 employees) offer health insurance, as compared to 99% of large firms. When they do offer insurance, it costs roughly 18% more than for larger employers."

You can find the rest of Specter's real health care record at DownWithTyranny. Meanwhile, please join us in the comments section below for our chat with Joe Sestak and Ned Lamont. After you've heard them out, if you'd like to sign up as a volunteer or donate to Rep. Sestak's election fund, you can do it on his website.

Dan Gerstein: A Permanent Blog Stalker

dangerstein1.jpg Gerstein has a problem with my friend, Jane Hamsher. Yes, Hillary Clinton blogged at FDL. It made sense: discuss equal pay on a blog that is run by strong, progressive women. I'm asking other candidates to come on our Blue America team to discuss other progressive issues as I blog right now and that has irked old Dan. I wonder how long it will take Lieberman's good pal Sean Hannity to pick up on this? He needs help. I'm starting a new 12-step program for politicos that have no political life left except to attack bloggers.

And he can't get his facts straight. Forget her movie credits, now Jane is best known for changing the way "trials" and events will be covered. FDL's live blogging of the Scooter Libby trial was incredible and she got a front page article from the NY Times about it. But he's not going to give credit to a top-tier blogger whose tireless work gave Ned Lamont the Democratic ticket in Connecticut, since it proved how out of touch Dan was with the Democratic voters in his work for Holy Joe. He's completely irrelevant to the netroots and what's new and refreshing in politics today and it makes him sulky. He's not alone.

I feel for you, Dan. I can help you if you let me. But the first step is understanding you've hit bottom and admitting you have a problem.

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Blue America: Lamont Visits FDL


lamont.jpg (T)his week's Blue America guest is going to be none other than Ned Lamont - live, in the comments, right here at FDL tomorrow starting at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET. Answering your questions and stopping by to say hello to everyone.

[..]So please, drop by and say hello to Ned, and thanks for a job well done: for having the integrity to ask the tough questions about the mess in Iraq; for daring to utter the word accountability at a time when the Washington establishment was shuffling around in the corner somewhere trying to make nice with the very people causing the problems; and for standing up for the concerns of average Americans on education and health care and poverty and so many other issues over the course of the campaign.

Ned Lamont ad and a little Al

Lieberman borders on racism too:


Sharpton also indulged in a bit of punditry, offering an explanation of the Lieberman camp's tactic. "They're trying to play to very conservative people, `Oh, [Lamont's] with the liberals, Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson,'" Sharpton said. "But they also want to drive a wedge between us and Lamont so black [voters] say, `Lamont's abandoning blacks.'"

Sharpton concluded: "It definitely borders on racism and I think it's beneath Joe Lieberman. It's so close to the border that he needs a passport. I might add that the only one who's brought up race in this campaign is them."

Don't forget our Blue America/Act Blue page.

(h/t Atrios)

David Brooks on Lieberman: "Democrats privately despise the netroots"


It's always refreshing to hear a conservative pundit explain the liberal blogosphere to the world. He's another Lieberman supporter who loves to attack bloggers to falsely spread nonsense about us. Has he commented on the right wing blogs that attacked Hariett Miers or Bush's immigration stance? Hearing Democrats privately talk to Brooks about the blogoshere is the same nonsense that Robert Novak tried to peddle when he was on CNN.

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Brooks: I find privately most of the Democrats despise those people...

mcjoan has more:

David Brooks is qualified to tell us who is a Democrat?

Sorry David, Joe isn't a Democrat any more, and Mark Shields effectively rebutted that claim, I thought. Shields pointed out a number of things from his discussions with real Democrats who actually live in Connecticut. This race is about more than the war, but that it includes a whole host of issues including his votes on judicial nominations, his support of Bush on so called "values" issues, and most importantly, his willingness to abandon the Democratic party if the primary doesn't go his way. He also made the critical point that if Lieberman had been as aggressive in his debate with Cheney six years ago as he was with Lamont last night, he'd probably now be Vice on

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NY Times: Lamont Should Be Taken Seriously

NY Times: Lamont Should Be Taken Seriously

The NY Times:

Ned Lamont has already shown that his candidacy should be taken seriously. On May 19, a third of the delegates to the Democratic state convention voted to endorse him instead of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman.

Now, with just over two months until he faces the senator in the Aug. 8 primary, Mr. Lamont hopes to defy polls, political experts and the calendar and win the nomination. To do so, he must greatly expand on the support he has won for voicing opposition to Senator Lieberman's support for President Bush on key aspects of the war in on"

The Times is finally seeing the light.

Help out Ned if you can.

MoveOn supports Ned Lamont

MoveOn supports Ned Lamont

Dear MoveOn member in Connecticut,

"I wanted to share the results from our online primary with you before we tell the media. Drumroll, please: By a whopping 85% to 14%, MoveOn members supported Ned Lamont for Connecticut’s U.S. Senate seat—securing him the MoveOn endorsement."
It’s important to note that MoveOn boasts 50,000 Connecticut members."

Support Ned here...Francine Busby as well...

Update: Pach discusses Holy Joe and the Human Rights Campaign.

Ned Lamont's campaign on CNN

Ned Lamont's campaign on CNN
"The Situation Room's" blog segment with Jacki Schechner, featured Ned Lamont's new ad campaign that highlights Markos from Daily Kos. Jackie explains that the push Lamont is receiving for his bid to unseat Holy Joe is coming from...the Liberal blogs..

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The Lieberman camp's response: "The ads are cute, but cute never saved a job or stood up to big oil"

Atrios says: Neither did Joe "Voted for the Energy Bill" Lieberman.

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