Americans Want Real Health Care Reform. Help Us Make Congress Understand

Judging from the talking points being constantly spewed by the likes of Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Eric Cantor (R-VA), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Paul Ryan (R-WI), Max Baucus (DLC-MT), Blanche Lincoln (DLC-AR), Mary Landrieu (DLC-LA), Joe Lieberman (DLC-CT), and Ben Nelson (DLC-NE), and by the coverage in the corporate media, all of it driven primarily by corporate dollars, one would think that most people oppose Obama's tyrannical plans to impose dreaded health care reform on the American people. But, no. Americans overwhelmingly want health care reform. Wisely, they don't trust the crooked CEOs who run the insurance companies and they don't trust the bought off, sold out Republicans in Congress. Every single poll that comes out shows that Americans-- by gargantuan margins-- favor genuine, government-run health care.

That's why the insurance companies and their shills in Congress are fighting tooth and nail, like mad dogs, to kill the compromise between an Insurance company bailout (the Senate Finance Committee plan authored by Max Baucus and Chuck Grassley) and single payer. The compromise, which offers consumers a choice, is called the "public option." Anyone who likes their for-profit Insurance company's service can stick with it. Otherwise, they can opt for the non-profit government run plan. Studies by the insurance industry show that within a couple of years there will be virtually no people choosing for-profit insurance companies.

John is in Florida but he e-mailed me this story from the NY Times and asked me to pass it along and remind people that Blue America is asking for donations for the television ads we're doing to make Arkansas voters aware that their senator isn't really their senator; Blanche Lincoln belongs to the Big Business CEOs who have financed her career. While she works behind the scenes to protect the interests of her Insurance Industry patrons, Americans "are strongly behind one of the most contentious proposals Congress is considering, a government-run insurance plan to compete with private insurers, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll." Even half the respondents who admitted they are Republicans prefer this plan, while among normal Americans, the margins are staggering. Look at this chart and then please consider learning more about (or donating to) our Campaign for Health Care Choice.

healthcare poll_1d716.png

Mean Jean Schmidt Breaks Pledge To Keep Campaign Positive

I don't know how to tell you this, Jean, but craven Republicans desperate to hold on to their seats cut and run from their word, patriots never do. Don't look now, but I think your knickers are on fire.

Just one week after making this pledge(.pdf), Schmidt releases an ad attacking rival (and Blue America candidate) Victoria Wulsin as a physician. Way to stay on the issues, Jean. In the interest of disclosure about the charges in the ad, I received this from the Wulsin campaign:

(I)n 2006, the Ohio Elections Commission ruled that Jean Schmidt displayed a “reckless disregard for the truth” during her 2005 campaign for Congress.

In 2004, Dr. Wulsin was hired as a consultant by the Cincinnati-based Heimlich institute to review existing research on a controversial treatment for AIDS and other diseases. Dr. Wulsin determined that the experiments failed and her consultancy was promptly terminated.

In April, after a “thorough review,” the State Medical Board of Ohio determined these false charges had no merit. Steve Black, who originally raised this issue in the Democratic Primary Election, endorsed Dr. Wulsin and said he accepted the State Medical Board of Ohio’s decision that these charges had no merit. [Rulon, Cincinnati Enquirer “Politics Extra Blog”, 8/7/08]

Though the ad attacks Dr. Wulsin’s record as a physician, she is supported by the Ohio State Medical Association and the American Medical Association as well as 10 other medical and health groups. Over 350 individual physicians have supported Dr. Wulsin’s campaign.

The false charges in Schmidt’s new ad are identical to charges made by the Congresswoman in fundraising letters earlier this year. After analyzing one such letter, the Cincinnati Enquirer characterized Schmidt’s attacks as “stretching the truth.” [Rulon, Cincinnati Enquirer, 6/15/08]

Well, turnabout is fair play, so Wulsin is putting out this ad in response:

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