Ed Schultz agrees with Blue America: John Boehner is the poster boy of out of touch Republicans

Ed Schultz just loved our anti-Boehner campaign and featured Blue America's Beat Boehner actions for almost 13 minutes. I think we can all agree that Boehner is an out-of-touch corporate shill who sides with Big Business over his constituents every time. Howard Dean came on to back up our assertions about Boehner and then Ed topped off the segment by interviewing one of our newest endorsees, Justin Coussoule, who is now running against the bronzed up Minority Leader. He is making his network debut too, and I think he comes across well.

Digby writes:

Ed Schultz was very excited about our Boehner campaign yesterday and opened his show with a long segment on the subject. He's absolutely right about John Boehner being the poster boy for the out of touch Republicans who are offering up nothing but non-sequitors as the answer to our problems.(You'll notice that Ed said to send him a email if you want to see the ad every day on his show. You can do that here.)

Howie Klein writes:

Big Ed liked our BeatBoehner billboard and TV ad. And we like his framing... a lot. Why can't the DCCC, demoralized, clueless and on the verge of losing its ass, dump Wasserman Schultz and let Schultz run the operation! There's nothing I have to even write about this. Schultz says it all-- everything! It's a 13 minute clip and there's not a minute of it you should miss. Ed's intro, Howard Dean's insight and Justin Coussoule's national TV debut are absolutely essential viewing.

Watch it here...

...and then consider helping us keep the ad on TV or even moving it from cable TV to broadcast TV. This ad is targeted in Butler county.

We are really excited by our latest effort and we hope you'll throw in a few dollars. And it's great to see that Big Ed gets it. Big Time.

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Joan Walsh of Salon writes a great article about Boehner:
Let them play golf: Boehner trashes aid bill as "a bailout to teachers unions" but backs tax cuts for the rich.

She loved Blue America's Boehner ad.

Ed Schultz Brings on Markos Moulitsas to Respond to Matthews Netroots Insult

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Wow. This is unusual. Ed Schultz does something you rarely see, criticize someone from his own network. Ed brings in Markos Moulitsas to respond to Chris Matthews insult of the netroots yesterday where he said we're not real Democrats and back-seat bitchers. John offered to debate Matthews yesterday. I wonder if we'll hear anything else from him on this now that Schultz had Moulitsas on. If Matthews wants to lob insults, I'd like to see him try to debate those he was insulting to their faces. I'm not holding my breath though. Good on Ed for giving Markos a chance to respond.

Moulitsas: You know in 2003 after ah--when Bush landed his plane on the aircraft carrier, behind the--spoke in front of the banner that said "mission accomplished", Chris Matthews had an entire show based on that event where he thought Bush was fantastic and he said "everybody knows that we won the war, except for a few critics". Well I was one of those few critics. People like me and the netroots were some of those critics and it turns out that we were right and the beltway conventional wisdom was wrong. And once again we're in a situation where people like Chris Matthews don't learn from these mistakes. They're sort of trapped in this bubble and and they think that they know better. The fact is most of the editors on Daily KOS either have worked on campaigns or worked on Hill staff and of my readers, I would venture to say the vast, vast majority knocked on doors, gave money, made phone calls on behalf of campaigns. They worked and they vote and if Chris Matthews is worried about us working and if he thinks that we're not Democrats, well then he really should be worried because he's got a thing coming.


Moulitsas: You know ActBlue is an on line clearing house for contributions to Democratic party candidates. In the last four years we have raised $115 million through ActBlue... a $115 million. Now that's not a bunch of kids in the back seat donating $115 million, at an average donation of about $30. So we're talking little dollars here and there. There's a lot of us. We're engaged. We're involved and we want a party that represents the American people and a government that represents the American people, not insurance companies, not big business and clearly we're not quite there yet but we only started this battle a couple of years ago. We're still fighting.

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