Darcy Burner finally succumbs to media hit job

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I'm too distraught to write about this.

So go read Jesse Wendel. He pretty much sums it up: This was a media hit job.

It wasn't just the Seattle Times, incidentally, though they led the charge. Local talk radio -- particularly two very well-known jagoffs on the two biggest stations in town -- played a big role too.

I don't know if there will be a "next time" for Darcy. I do know that the Times' karmic bitch will be biting them in the ass for this in a big way.

Darcy Burner: Still in the media's Twilight Zone

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I went to Darcy Burner's post-election party in Bellevue last night, and chatted with her as we watched the results come trickling in.

At the time, Darcy had a nice early lead, thanks to the early ballots. But we knew even then it wouldn't last, and sure enough, by the time I went home, the race was essentially tied.

We won't know the outcome of her race for a few days: Right now, Republican Rep. Dave Reichert has a a 900-vote lead, but only 41 percent of the vote has been counted.

Gauging from count trends we've seen so far, if Darcy is within shouting distance going into the final laps of counting, she has a very good shot at pulling out the win, since early-cast ballots went strongly for her.

Darcy was badly hurt in the last week or so of the campaign by the GOP's smear machine in claiming Burner "lied" about her Harvard degree, and especially by the disgraceful credulousness of the local press in picking up the story.

The leading disgrace was the Seattle Times, which managed even last night to smear Burner at the tail end. As we were hanging out in the comm room, HorsesAss blogger David Goldstein noticed that the Times was reporting that Darcy had gone home for the night and left her supporters behind. As it happened, Darcy was sitting next to us at the time. Here's Goldy's post, and a folo by McJoan.

You can see it all on the video.

And there's a special message to C&L readers from Darcy at the end.

UPDATE: Goldy find even more Times stupidity.

Mean Jean Schmidt Breaks Pledge To Keep Campaign Positive

I don't know how to tell you this, Jean, but craven Republicans desperate to hold on to their seats cut and run from their word, patriots never do. Don't look now, but I think your knickers are on fire.

Just one week after making this pledge(.pdf), Schmidt releases an ad attacking rival (and Blue America candidate) Victoria Wulsin as a physician. Way to stay on the issues, Jean. In the interest of disclosure about the charges in the ad, I received this from the Wulsin campaign:

(I)n 2006, the Ohio Elections Commission ruled that Jean Schmidt displayed a “reckless disregard for the truth” during her 2005 campaign for Congress.

In 2004, Dr. Wulsin was hired as a consultant by the Cincinnati-based Heimlich institute to review existing research on a controversial treatment for AIDS and other diseases. Dr. Wulsin determined that the experiments failed and her consultancy was promptly terminated.

In April, after a “thorough review,” the State Medical Board of Ohio determined these false charges had no merit. Steve Black, who originally raised this issue in the Democratic Primary Election, endorsed Dr. Wulsin and said he accepted the State Medical Board of Ohio’s decision that these charges had no merit. [Rulon, Cincinnati Enquirer “Politics Extra Blog”, 8/7/08]

Though the ad attacks Dr. Wulsin’s record as a physician, she is supported by the Ohio State Medical Association and the American Medical Association as well as 10 other medical and health groups. Over 350 individual physicians have supported Dr. Wulsin’s campaign.

The false charges in Schmidt’s new ad are identical to charges made by the Congresswoman in fundraising letters earlier this year. After analyzing one such letter, the Cincinnati Enquirer characterized Schmidt’s attacks as “stretching the truth.” [Rulon, Cincinnati Enquirer, 6/15/08]

Well, turnabout is fair play, so Wulsin is putting out this ad in response:

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Darcy Burner fights the Republican smear machine

Darcy Burner is fighting back against Dave Reichert's last-minute smear campaign accusing Darcy of fluffing her academic record -- even though Reichert is guilty of exactly that himself.

The video above is a powerful response to Reichert's own smear ads, but that hasn't stopped the right-wing Wurlitzer cogs. On KOMO-AM today, the right-wing talkers were once again smearing Burner as a liar.

You know what to do. Go help Darcy now.

Dave Reichert: Another lying Republican hypocrite exposed -- no thanks to the media

Darcy Burner_11e08.jpg

It stands to reason that Darcy Burner's opponent, Republican Rep. Dave Reichert of Washington's 8th District, would be getting desperate about now. After all, the most recent polling consistently shows him trailing Burner by about four points.

So of course, he's been trying to smear her with a cheap falsehood about her Harvard degree. And in the process, he appears to have really stepped in it. From Goldy at HA:

Let’s see if this, Rep. Dave Reichert’s official Congressional biography, makes the front page of the Seattle Times:

REICHERT, David G., .a Representative from Washington; born in Detroit Lakes, Becker County, Minn., August 29, 1950; graduated, Kent Meridian High School, Renton, Wash., 1968; B.A., Concordia Lutheran College, Portland, Oreg., 1970; U.S. Air Force Reserve, 1971-1976; U.S. Air Force, 1976; police officer, King County, Wash., 1972-1977; sheriff, King County, Wash., 1997- 2004; elected as a Republican to the One Hundred Ninth Congress and to the succeeding Congress (January 3, 2005-present).

Problem is, Reichert never earned a B.A. from Concordia in 1970, because they didn’t even grant their first bachelors degree until 1980. In fact, the year Reichert started was Concordia’s first year as a Junior College; before then, it was merely a Lutheran high school.

What Reichert has is a two-year Associates degree from a small, Christian, Junior College. (And possibly, not even that; has Heffter bothered to ask Concordia’s registrar for Reichert’s records?) Thus Reichert’s official bio, which he has allowed to go uncorrected for four years, and which has been picked up by numerous news organizations and other web sites, is an undisputed lie.

You see, Reichert has been spreading the story that Burner fluffed up her resume by claiming to have a degree in economics from Harvard. And sure enough, the Seattle Times -- which has a long track record of explicit animus toward Burner -- bit on the story.

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Help Blue America Get Alan Grayson's New Ad On The Air

Alan Grayson is one of the sharpest and most progressive Democrats running for Congress in any district. He was the very first Blue America endorsement in this cycle and he's been consistently beating the corrupt, Bush rubber stamp incumbent, Ric Keller, in every poll since the primary.

You probably remember that John and I were big advocates of John Cusack's film War, Inc but what you might not know is that we sent an early screening copy to Grayson's campaign and he used it in Orlando to help contextualize the Bush Regime's war in Iraq and profiteering by GOP corporate supporters. Tomorrow, Grayson will be launching his newest TV ad and Crooks & Liars just got a hold of an advance copy.

Take a look and if you like it, please donate to Alan Grayson's campaign through our Act Blue page. The first ten C&L donors today-- of at least $30-- will also get a free DVD of War, Inc compliments of John Cusack.

Be A Crooks & Liars Political Consultant


This weekend Blue America, along with our partners at SaysMe.TV, launched an innovative new way for grassroots activists to participate in the political process without going through mercenary middlemen (primarily political consultants). Basically the new application, which you can see at this C&L page allows you to pick a candidate, an ad, a TV network, a time of day, pay for it online and run it-- with your name on screen as the purchaser.

Today we expanded our application to include 3 more districts, two in southern California (for Debbie Cook and Russ Warner) and one in North Carolina (for Larry Kissell). Please give it a test drive and let us know what you think. I just bought 7 ads for Debbie Cook in Orange County on MSNBC!

Alan Grayson Shows That Support For Our Vets Means Something More Than Hot Air

Alan Grayson, the progressive Democrat running against a desperate Bush rubber stamp in Orlando, Ric Keller, has had some of the best press of anyone running for Congress this year. The Vanity Fair feature about his work fighting for taxpayers against Iraq war profiteers is powerful and the article Harper's did on Keller's hypocrisy and corruption probably has had a great deal to do with why Grayson is ahead of Keller in all the polling-- ahead and widening the gap.

But as much as I want to believe that Orlando voters are responding to the two feature stories-- and there is even some plausibility to the effectiveness of the racy Harper's piece since yesterday's Orlando Sentinel covered it prominently-- TV spots seem to have a much greater impact. I look at congressional candidates' TV spots all day and Grayson's have been among the best and most effective. I have a feeling that's why he's ahead. So ahead that the RNC actually sent out an e-mail calling him the "perhaps the most liberal candidate in America." Alan wears that badge proudly and tomorrow he'll start running a new TV ad that will probably elicit more desperate e-mails from the RNC. It's an ad about what really supporting our troops and vets is all about-- not about wearing ribbons or flag pins or making puffed-up jingoistic speeches but about being there when our fighting men and women need you, no matter how boneheaded you think the Commander-in-chief's decisions are. Keller's voting record on assisting military vets is nothing short of abysmal and disgraceful. When I asked Alan about it he didn't hold back: "Keller is one of those fake patriots who loves to send our troops to war, but won't lift a finger to help them when they get back. He says that he's 'pro-life,' too, but he couldn't care less about you after you're born." You can read all the bills he opposed at the link or you can watch this 30 second TV spot that will start running in Orlando tomorrow:

If you'd like to help make sure lots of people see that ad, you can donate to Alan Gayson's campaign on his Blue America ActBlue page.

People For the American Way Congressional Contest

I hope you've noticed the new Blue America box up top-- and I hope you'll click on it and get to know the Blue America candidates and help them get into Congress so they can work for the actual change that Obama talks about and that Republicans and conservative Democrats are determined to thwart. Today, though, I want to ask you to dig for someone else's efforts. John and I have become close with the folks at one of the DC organizations really worth trusting: People For the American Way. PFAW's Voters Alliance has endorsed a healthy batch of progressives for the House and, as you can see, there are more similarities than differences with the Blue America list.

They're running a competition similar to the one Blue America did a couple weeks ago. Our Senate and House contests raised over $100,000 for our candidates. We want PFAW to double that. Right now Judy Feder (D-VA), Gary Peters (D-MI) and Russ Warner (D-CA) are ahead, but Dennis Shulman (D-NJ), Doug Tudor (D-FL) and Martin Heinrich (D-NM) are catching up. Please take a look at their list and see if there's someone you want to "vote" for. And sure $50 is grand but if we've learned one thing at Blue America, it's that we can beat the Republicans and their corporate allies with lots and lots of $5 and $10 contributions.

Debbie Cook and Crooks & Liars Offer Jackson Browne Tickets

We didn't make a big fuss about raising money "at the end of the quarter" like everybody else did. You were probably inundated with requests from every politician you ever pass on the street talking about yesterday's midnight deadline. We just tend to not get into the hysteria. Happily, though, more than a few generous donors decided to make their contributions through our Blue America page and our total for the year is over $405,000.

Today's the first day of the new "quarter" and Crooks & Liars has a gorgeous pair of tickets (4th row, center) for a Jackson Browne concert this Saturday, October 4, at L.A.'s historic and intimate Orpheum Theater. Jackson gave the tickets to Debbie Cook's campaign when he endorsed her and she passed them along to us so that a Blue America donor would get an opportunity to be able to go to the sold out show– other than by going on eBay and paying $500 to a scalper... When you donate to our ActBlue page-- any amount-- and your name gets put in a hat and, if luck is with you, you'll win the pair of tickets. If we were a Republican PAC we'd just say the pair goes to the highest bidder-- or maybe we'd scalp 'em on eBay ourselves-- but we like this idea more because even people who can only afford to donate $1 get a chance to win the tickets. The contest ends tomorrow at 2pm, PT. One rule: one chance to get into the drawing per screen name.

Debbie is one of Blue America's priority candidates for November, not just because she is running against one of the worst rubber stamp Republican goons in Congress, the execrable Dana Rohrabacher, but because from the first day she gets there she will be the best informed voice on Capitol Hill on progressive public energy policy. Whether you win the Jackson Browne tickets or not, a donation for Debbie Cook is a win for a better vision of our country.

Paid for by Blue America PAC, blueamerica.crooksandliars.com, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.