Ed Schultz Brings on Markos Moulitsas to Respond to Matthews Netroots Insult

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Wow. This is unusual. Ed Schultz does something you rarely see, criticize someone from his own network. Ed brings in Markos Moulitsas to respond to Chris Matthews insult of the netroots yesterday where he said we're not real Democrats and back-seat bitchers. John offered to debate Matthews yesterday. I wonder if we'll hear anything else from him on this now that Schultz had Moulitsas on. If Matthews wants to lob insults, I'd like to see him try to debate those he was insulting to their faces. I'm not holding my breath though. Good on Ed for giving Markos a chance to respond.

Moulitsas: You know in 2003 after ah--when Bush landed his plane on the aircraft carrier, behind the--spoke in front of the banner that said "mission accomplished", Chris Matthews had an entire show based on that event where he thought Bush was fantastic and he said "everybody knows that we won the war, except for a few critics". Well I was one of those few critics. People like me and the netroots were some of those critics and it turns out that we were right and the beltway conventional wisdom was wrong. And once again we're in a situation where people like Chris Matthews don't learn from these mistakes. They're sort of trapped in this bubble and and they think that they know better. The fact is most of the editors on Daily KOS either have worked on campaigns or worked on Hill staff and of my readers, I would venture to say the vast, vast majority knocked on doors, gave money, made phone calls on behalf of campaigns. They worked and they vote and if Chris Matthews is worried about us working and if he thinks that we're not Democrats, well then he really should be worried because he's got a thing coming.


Moulitsas: You know ActBlue is an on line clearing house for contributions to Democratic party candidates. In the last four years we have raised $115 million through ActBlue... a $115 million. Now that's not a bunch of kids in the back seat donating $115 million, at an average donation of about $30. So we're talking little dollars here and there. There's a lot of us. We're engaged. We're involved and we want a party that represents the American people and a government that represents the American people, not insurance companies, not big business and clearly we're not quite there yet but we only started this battle a couple of years ago. We're still fighting.

Blue America Welcomes Back Alan Grayson for a Live Chat on "Money Bomb" day

In the 2006 cycle the candidate who attracted the most support from Blue America donors was Ned Lamont, with his campaign that served notice on the Democratic Establishment that the grassroots was unwilling to just eat up whatever crap it was served up from Inside the Beltway hacks. Blue America raised over $77,000 for him in our first year in action. The following cycle, saw another inspiring progressive primary challenger, Donna Edwards, attract the most donors and the largest amount (almost $65,000). It may be too early to tell, but it looks like 2010 cycle will mark the year of Alan Grayson. It's still only 2009 but Blue America has already raised over $30,000 for him-- without having even made an official endorsement! We've been collecting contributions for him at No Means No, a page dedicated to members of Congress who voted against Obama's supplemental war budget in June, and at Getting Grayson's Back, a page dedicated to standing up for him when he got GOP noses out of joint by telling the truth about their health care obstructionism.

Today Blue America is joining a netroots money bomb effort on behalf of Grayson, urging our community to band together and answer the Inside-the-Beltway and Villager mentality that says there's no room for a plainspoken truth-teller like Grayson in Congress. Nevermind, they tell you, that he studied economics at Harvard, then worked as an economist, then studied law at Harvard and then successfully pursued war profiteers and Bush cronies in Iraq-- even before being elected to Congress in a Republican district and becoming the scourge of banksters and assorted evil-doers dragged before the House Financial Services committee. No, to the Villagers, he's all about "outlandish rhetoric;" he's "the left's Michele Bachmann;" he's "pugilistic" and a "wing nut."

Rep. Grayson joins us below in the comments section where you can see for yourself he's quickly become the favorite member of Congress of Democrats and independents from across the country. And please, help out with the money bomb today.

The Netroots are on Fire: Blue America's 'Standing Up For The Public Option' is rocking!

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The progressive blogosphere is rocking D.C., and we really want to thank our readers for their support in our drive to reward the supporters of the public option. Progressives in Congress are learning what it means to do the right thing by your actions. Please donate if you can.

And Digby reads the NY Times and gets annoyed because they can't frakkin' read.

This NYT story indicates that it comes as some sort of surprise that progressives have just suddenly decided to hang tough. That's just not true. I first wrote about this back on June 3rd:

Darcy mentioned to me that this week is an important moment in the health care debate, in which it might be helpful for members of the netroots to weigh in with a little positive reinforcement to the progressive caucus, which has been holding the leadership's feet to the fire on the public plan option. Everyone pretty much agrees that if that goes down, health care reform will be a meaningless shell game.

I was somewhat surprised frankly (in a good way)to hear the the progressives caucus had pulled together on this one and was actually wielding some clout. They represent over 70 m4mbers of congress, which is a big bloc of votes. If they can stick together on the public plan, it will happen.

If one of these House members is your Congressional Representative, all the better. But contact one or more of them even if they aren't. They need to know that people other than lobbyists and big donors are engaged and informed on this and that we know what's at stake with the public plan.

The Village seems to have just awakened to the fact that the progressives are holding the line, but they've been organized around this for months.

Digby is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to matters of intelligence. There are so many people that have helped in "holding the line," but if you read the MSM you'd never know it.

Blue America, CPC, PCCC, DFA, C&L, Hullabaloo, Howie Klein, KOS, the Courage Campaign, Calitics and FDL -- to name a few -- have been targeting the House and the Baucus Dogs in the Senate for months now. Kudos to all. You know that the Ben Nelsons are dying to get their grubby hands on some of our money, but they'd have to act like real Democrats for that to happen.

Dan Gerstein: A Permanent Blog Stalker

dangerstein1.jpg Gerstein has a problem with my friend, Jane Hamsher. Yes, Hillary Clinton blogged at FDL. It made sense: discuss equal pay on a blog that is run by strong, progressive women. I'm asking other candidates to come on our Blue America team to discuss other progressive issues as I blog right now and that has irked old Dan. I wonder how long it will take Lieberman's good pal Sean Hannity to pick up on this? He needs help. I'm starting a new 12-step program for politicos that have no political life left except to attack bloggers.

And he can't get his facts straight. Forget her movie credits, now Jane is best known for changing the way "trials" and events will be covered. FDL's live blogging of the Scooter Libby trial was incredible and she got a front page article from the NY Times about it. But he's not going to give credit to a top-tier blogger whose tireless work gave Ned Lamont the Democratic ticket in Connecticut, since it proved how out of touch Dan was with the Democratic voters in his work for Holy Joe. He's completely irrelevant to the netroots and what's new and refreshing in politics today and it makes him sulky. He's not alone.

I feel for you, Dan. I can help you if you let me. But the first step is understanding you've hit bottom and admitting you have a problem.

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Open Thread Victory Style!

As the House seats keep getting counted, we are constantly adding to a stronger majority. Senate is still very much in play and many on the right are already conceding control to the Democrats. Just think of what we have done:

- We have fought back against the ultra-funded GOP machine. All their money could not top us this year!

- All the gerrymandering that Republicans thought would save them proved futile this day.

- We over-came the dirty tactics of the GOP and their robo-calls, voter intimidation, "poll watchers" and everything else they threw at us!

And finally as TRex sez:

- "Subpoena Power....Activate"

This is our time and it is just starting. The netroots are growing strong and becoming a greater influence in the political landscape of America. Blue America did a great job also. We will have the final tally's on all our candidates some time tomorrow. Plus we have this great piece of information from Howie:

UPDATE: HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH WINS A GRAMMY Oh, it wasn't a Grammy. Salon says it was the #2 political video after the Michael J Fox stem cell one. Coolio! May I recommend, in light of the victory building in KY-03, that you watch the one Mike did for John Yarmuth (81% of precincts counted and Yarmuth holds a 50.3- 48.5% lead of Northup). Their review: "This great ad, which uses the Squirrel Nut Zippers' "Have You Had Enough?" and a charming Rickie Lee Jones vocal, has been recut and reused in about 18 Democratic races across the country (here, in John Laesch's unlikely effort against House Speaker Dennis Hastert). It's catchy retro stylings made voting against the GOP House seem not only fun but incredibly cool."

Another great accomplishment that must be passed on to the readers of Crooks and Liars, as well as Firedoglake and DownWithTyranny.

And finally, as Kos said earlier today "Today is the End of the Electronic Voting Machine". It wasn't just a bunch of "crazy liberals" screaming about problems this time. It was EVERYONE. There will be calls for major changes in the way we practice our power to vote, and those calls will come from every political stride.

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