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Feel Like We Need A New Generation Of Congressional Leadership?

The House was back in session last week. There were 3 bills that were debated and voted on in particular that I want to mention this morning:

All three passed the House and w...

The Tampon Queen? Cristina Prefers “Period Princess”

Blue America has a page called California-- Not Blue Enough, which includes 13 congressional candidates; 3 incumbents and 10 challengers. State Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia is ...

Media Repeatedly Ignores Summer Lee’s Charges Of Racism Against Her Opponent

-by Mike Elk

With Election Day on May 17th, the AIPAC-affiliated United Democracy Project super PAC and the Irwin campaign are spending over 2 million dollars to attack ...

We Are The Cavalry– Guest Post By Erica Smith

I’m-- a pro-choice pastor, educator, and former state senator running to protect a wide-open, swing seat in NC-01. And I’m facing the most anti-choice Democrat in North...

Reclaiming May Day #Solidarity2022

May Day has more than one meaning. The origin is an ancient festival marking the first day of summer in some cultures and a spring holiday in others. But in 1889 May Day was c...

How To Beat A Deceitful Corporate Dem

The Democratic primary elections in Oregon are in 3 weeks-- May 17.

There are several races that will help determine whether Congress turns in a more corporate direction or in...

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