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Great Music, Great Candidates, You

You may already be familiar with Jim Lough’s music. 

That’s because his band, Old Town Crier, used one of his songs, “You,” as a Blue America anthem for ...

Help Elect More Who’ll Fight for Our Rights– Blue America Contest

Immediately after the Roe v Wade decision was announced on Friday, Data for Progress released the poll above and Mike Pence-- who has been treated as something of a media darlin...

AIPAC Is Targeting Donna Edwards

AIPAC has been one of the most venal forces in the 2022 election cycle this year, working with a handful of other shady players to launder Republican money into Democratic prima...

Congress’ Big Chill

I want you to look at this little box below from ProgressivePunch. It shows the two members of Congress who have the most progressive voting records.

They are just fractionally...

Another Red California Seat On The Line– One That No One Expects To Flip Blue?

Once the pandemic started, thousands of Angelenos moved to the outer suburbs and exurbs in San Bernardino County, already one of the fastest growing counties in the country. 


Feel Like We Need A New Generation Of Congressional Leadership?

The House was back in session last week. There were 3 bills that were debated and voted on in particular that I want to mention this morning:

All three passed the House and w...

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