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AZ-01, One Of The Keys To Flipping Congress

Arizona’s first congressional district, entirely within Maricopa County, is one of the swing districts the Democrats are counting on to flip the House. Biden beat Trump there ...

Zach Shrewsbury Is Wrapping Up His Senate Primary Campaign Strong— And Ready To Take On Jim Justice

Manchin was the last holdout of a once formidable state Democratic Party machine that, for seven decades, had kept West Virginia solidly blue. In 1996, Bill Clinton won the stat...

Even If You Don’t Have A Coffee Table… This “Made In America” Coffee Table Book Is Fantastic

Last Chance to enter Contest To Benefit Cori Bush & Jamaal Bowman

Today’s the last day of our contest. We’re giving away 3 autographed copies of Nancy Ohanian’...

Joe Manchin Was Right About One Thing: There Aren’t Enough Progressives In Congress

Arch-conservative and corrupt Democrat Joe Manchin once said that "If people want more progressive policies, they should elect more progressives to Congress." we made a meme out...

We Can’t Leave ‘Flipping Congress’ To The DCCC

The Democratic Party is focussed on reelecting Biden as the top priority. Well over a billion dollars will be spent on that. 

We hope Biden divests himself from Netanyahu ...

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