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 Hot Race in my district to replace Adam Schiff– Only One Is A Worthy Replacement For Adam: Maebe… For Sure

Let me talk about my own congressional district in northeast Los Angeles for a moment. In 2000, helped Adam Schiff, our state Senator then, beat far right Republican James ...

The Most Important House Race In Michigan– Blue America Endorses Diane Young

Thanks for always doing what you can to help make this a better world,

Howie, for the entire Blue America team

Endorsement Alert In Orange County: Cheyenne Hunt

In the last two weeks, I’ve interviewed over a dozen candidates. Some of them were great and some were far from that. Cheyenne Hunt was one of the great ones— not just becau...

No, Florida Is Not A Lost Cause, Despite What Republicans Want Democrats To Think

Yesterday Kimberly Leonard and Elena Schneider reported that “A national Democratic operative, granted anonymity to speak freely about the 2024 race without ang...

Endorsement Alert: Angélica Dueñas– Here’s Why

Yesterday, Angélica told me that in the ‘90s, the Valley was full of good-paying, long-term union jobs, perfect for Mexican immigrants like her parents to build a foundation ...

Give AIPAC The Finger

AIPAC and its allies funnel Republican and (illegally) Israeli money into Democratic primaries to defeat progressives. Last cycle they spent millions of dollars to replace Andy ...

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