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Is Chicago On The Verge Of Electing An Anti-Choice Conservative Republican Mayor?

"The choice for mayor is incredibly clear. With Brandon Johnson, you gain deep credentials and expertise, lived working families experience, robust competence from decades of pu...

The Dems Have Ignored State Legislative Races For Too Long– And Has Paid A Price– That’s Changing

In the few months they've held control, Democrats in these three states have taken action on abortion. The Michigan Legislature repealed a 1931 abortion ban triggered ...

Pervez Agwan Is Battling Big Oil And $ Head-on, In Their Own Backyard

Today Blue America has endorsed Pervez for the TX-07 congressional seat and we humbly ask you to consider chipping in to his entirely grassroots campaign here.

It’s Maebe– For Sure

Where Howie lives in Los Angeles, they’re going to have an open seat next year. Adam Schiff has served that district since ousting Republican James Rogan in 2000. Now he’s r...

Dom Jones Is Determined To Ensure Basic Human Rights For All

The jungle primary to replace Katie Porter in California’s blue-leaning 47th congressional— Irvine and Costa Mesa plus a storied stretch of coast from Seal Beach to...

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