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Endorsement Alert In Orange County: Cheyenne Hunt

In the last two weeks, I’ve interviewed over a dozen candidates. Some of them were great and some were far from that. Cheyenne Hunt was one of the great ones— not just becau...

Most Important 2024 House Candidate Who National Progressive Movement is Ignoring: Maebe A Girl

Konstantine tweeted this a few hours ago-- for something I originally put out MONTHS ago.

We Endorse Kylie Taitano For Congress

It's our duty to find excellent candidates like Kylie Taitano but it's especially wonderful when we get a really good candidate running against a really bad one-- and that's how...

A New Beginning– Progressive Leadership In The San Fernando Valley


This morning San Fernando Valley's progressive congressional candidate, Shervin Aazami, released a new announcement video (above), following u...

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