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Chained CPI– RIP? Now Let’s Get To Work Strengthening Social Security

Chained CPI is out of the President's budget.... for now. Electing more Blue America progressives will ensure the pressure on the Corporate Wing of the Party to keep true to Democratic values stays strong... Alan Grayson and Elizabeth Warren strong.

Blue America Chained CPI Contest! Candidate Nick Ruiz Speaks Out

Video of Nick explaining his stance on Chained CPI. Remind everyone that if they go to the special Blue America "Save Social Security" page and "Vote" for their favorite quote about Saving Social Security with as little as one dollar, they are entered to win an RIAA Certified Platinum Award for the band, 311. Candidate with the most votes wins too -- a $1,000 check from Blue America.

Support Daylin Leach, Who Wants To Save Social Security From Chained CPI

At Blue America we've been asking our candidates for Congress where they stand on Chained CPI and other Austerity schemes to reduce benefits for seniors in order to allow the wealthy to pay immorally low tax rates.

Blue America is