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Aside From Steve Israel, Where Does Empty Suit Pete Aguilar Get His Campaign Money?

Steve Israel is an incompetent moron, and Pete Aguilar is a perfect recruit for him. This duo really is good at bad jokes. However, this race is not a joke. It is the top seat ready to flip to a Democrat and a strong progressive (small business owner) Eloise Reyes is giving Republican Funded Loser non-elected Mayor Pete Aguilar a run for his money. Already, she is raising significant funds, from PROGRESSIVES and community members, while young, desperate Pete needs to keep going to gun loving, gay hating, Republicans for help... Let's pitch in to match the thousands Aguilar is getting from corrupt elites by donating $20 to Eloise at the Blue America ActBlue page: https://secure.actblue.com/page/blueamerica14

Blue America is