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And The Winner Is… Jon Hoadley

Our Blue America contest ended last night-- at midnight (PT). There were 426 individuals who took part. People are still contributing to the candidates on the page, although tho...

Why It’s Worth Contributing To Candidates This Late In The Cycle

Millions of Americans have already voted.

By this past Friday evening 2,647,845 Texans had voted, 2,413,292 Floridians, 2,947,941 Californians, 1,397,929 Michiganders, 1,293,12...

Progressive Democrats Have Clear Shots To Flip Several Red Districts Blue

In an OpEd for the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, Rahm Emanuel celebrated the idea of "Biden Republicans," basically conservative GOP voters who have had enough of Trump and a...

DCCC May Be Playing Defense In 2020– Not Us… Meet Jon Hoadley

The experiment of the 1980s didn't work. It's time politicians of the past stop spinning fiction. Our future reality, together, can make a much better story.

Blue America is