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┬áHot Race in my district to replace Adam Schiff– Only One Is A Worthy Replacement For Adam: Maebe… For Sure

Let me talk about my own congressional district in northeast Los Angeles for a moment. In 2000, helped Adam Schiff, our state Senator then, beat far right Republican James ...

Most Important 2024 House Candidate Who National Progressive Movement is Ignoring: Maebe A Girl

Konstantine tweeted this a few hours ago-- for something I originally put out MONTHS ago.

In L.A.’s CA-30… Maebe For Sure

I live in a very progressive congressional district in Los Angeles, CA-30. It includes, Hollywood, Burbank, Los Feliz, Silverlake, West Hollywood, East Hollywood, Atwater, Hanco...

A New Beginning– Progressive Leadership In The San Fernando Valley


This morning San Fernando Valley's progressive congressional candidate, Shervin Aazami, released a new announcement video (above), following u...

Blue America is