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January 6— Lucas Kunce Launches His Campaign For Senate. What Better Day To Start The Process Of Removing Insurrectionist Josh Hawley?

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley was complicit in the sacking of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. He should have been removed then. Next year he’ll have to face Missouri voters and...


The report's references to Hawley begin one day before the riot at the Capitol. 

On January 5, then-President Donald Trump's executive assistant emailed Hawley, as well as S...

Blue America Ad Campaign For Lucas Kunce Starts Today

Starting today, Blue America is running a series of 4 independent Facebook and Instagram ads across Missouri on behalf of Lucas’ campaign. (He doesn’t know.) 


Politicians Are Disliked As A Category– Can Lucas Kunce Change That?

"The Final Frontier" by Nancy Ohanian

If you can, please consider donating to the best #MOSen candidate out there, Lucas Kunce.

Endorsement Alert: Lucas Kunce, A Crusader Against Corporate Consolidation

About a month ago, our old friend from Iowa, J.D. Scholten, introduced me to a Missouri candidate for U.S. Senate. Lucas Kunce. He may well be the candidate who runs agains...

Blue America Endorsement– Cori Bush For Congress (MO-01)

Missouri's first congressional district-- the entire city of St. Louis and the mostly black northern suburbs-- Ferguson, Florissant, Black Jack, Spanish Lake-- is the 385th poor...

Blue America is