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Want To Help With A NY Miracle On Tuesday?

The Establishment has tried to define the grassroots efforts in New York this week to replace corporate Democrats beholden to Wall Street and their corporate donors with reforme...

Tuesday Could Be A Big Day For Progressives In New York– Maybe Bigger Than Anyone Imagines

Through a Politico prism, the grassroots effort to elect Jamaal Bowman to Congress is a twisted power grab by "the left." Holly Otterbein wrote that "Desperate for victory after...

Robin Wilt For Congress (NY-25)

Not every member of Congress can be AOC or even earn an A for their voting records. In fact, ProgressivePunch only has 46 "A" ratings right now. 7 of them are for New York Democ...

GO TIME: Primaries This Tuesday And Beyond

It begins...First Super Tuesday primary is tomorrow. Howie lays out what the stakes are... and what does it mean to be a progressive candidate in these races?

Blue America Welcomes Nate Shinagawa (D-NY)

Today, Blue America is proud to endorse Nate Shinagawa for Congress in NY-23, the old Eric Massa district composed of the Southern Tier and the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York. It was a district Democrats lost after Eric Massa's breakdown

Late Night Music Club with Tom Petty

(Blogged by Howie Klein) Tomorrow's Blue America congressional candidate is Dan Maffei from an upstate New York district that encompasses all of Syrac

Blue America is