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There Is A Way To Talk To GOP Voters Without Selling Out Your Values– Meet J.R. Gaillot (D-FL)

Meet JR Gaillot, a longtime political operative who is running for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs. Born in New York, he speaks 5 languages, wrote one...

Progressives Don’t Write-Off Any Groups Of People

Last month, when I asked him about the morass the Democrats find themselves in rural areas like his, he told me that

"Our party needs to decide to invest in rural and small to...

Wooing Rural Voters In North Carolina With Progressive And Populist Policies– Meet Jason Butler (NC-02)

Trump has convinced rural America to trade its economic future for a red hat of hostility. He’s convinced rural folks that pushing others down is the path to power, but the only true path to success is by lifting others up, not by pushing them down.

Blue America is