Go Blue: Tony Trupiano

BlueAmerica2.jpg I won't be bugging you too much more about this, but please donate to our Blue America PAC if you are able so we can get an ad placed for Tony. Howie Klein explains:

Howie Klein:

In terms of quality of candidates we've interviewed and blogged with for the Blue America series, it doesn't get any better than Tony Trupiano. Please take a look at his session over at Firedoglake. John Amato introduced Jane and I to Tony and we're as floored by his dedication and commitment to core progressive values and principles as John is. Since that late September chat the Blue America ActBlue page has raised nearly $5,000 for Tony's campaign. Not bad for a rag tag grassroots outfit, huh?

A couple days ago one of the most impressive TV ad makers in America, Lars Sandvik , sent us an ad he had put together for Jim Webb. Only Webb isn't using it. I asked him if he could adapt it to one of the Blue America progressives. He said "yes" and, like everyone who works on Blue America, Lars has done everything pro bono and made sure everyone else involved would too.

Look at the Blue America ActBlue page. You've raised nearly half a million dollars and every $5 and $10 and $20 donation was pure grassroots. This is probably the last time we'll come asking for help in this cycle. If you have anything left you can spare, please consider going to the Blue America PAC and donating for television time buys for Tony now. We have to pull the trigger on Monday. So whatever we can raise between now and then, we put on the air.

MODERATOR NOTE- Please note donations for this ad buy should go to Blue America PAC, rather than to the individual candidate page.


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