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blueamerica.jpg The netroots community here at Crooks and Liars and at Firedoglake and Down With Tyranny have had an incredible success with our Blue America initiative THANKS TO YOU! Over six thousand of you have donated over $526,000 so far. Most of the contributions came in $5, $10 and $20 increments. Everyone involved is floored. Thank you. So… how we doing? Well, of all that money you donated, almost $50,000 went to the Blue America PAC which we use to run radio spots for Charlie Brown, Victoria Wulsin, John Laesch, Angie Paccione, and Robert Rodriguez and a TV campaign for Tony Trupiano. (We're also running a radio campaign for Chris Murphy on behalf of local Connecticut bloggers and we produced 2 dozen internet ads for campaigns all over the country.)

Today is the last day we can put any PAC money towards the Tony Trupiano ads. The last check has to be overnighted to Michigan by 3PM tomorrow. So if you want to make sure some more spots run, the whole story of which channels we're using is at the link and the place to put the last of your campaign dollars is right here next to the Capitol Dome being swept free of right wing crooks with an America flag.

Polling is all over the map, imprecise and fluid with candidates up by 5 one day and down by 3 the next. We have heard that our ads have helped out in every district they've run in. There are some details in that same link above. The latest official polling– not internal campaign stats– show McNerney beating Pombo (CA-11) by 4, Paccione ahead of Musgrave (CO-04) by 3, see-saw battles between Braley and Whalen in Iowa, Wulsin and Mean Jean Schmidt in Ohio, Hall and Kelly in New York, and between Kissell and Hayes in North Carolina, Hodes beating Bass (NH-02) by 9, Gillibrand beating Sweeney (NY-20) in 3 consecutive polls, Arcuri over Meier (NY-24) by 9, Massa absolutely stomping Kuhl (NY-29) by 12 points, Murphy over Gerlach (PA-04) in 3 consecutive polls, Sestak over Weldon (PA-07) in 3 consecutive polls, Carney with a growing double digit lead over Don "The Choker" Sherwood and ahead in 5 consecutive polls (and Chris Murphy is beating Nancy Johnson in CT-05 by 3).

Of our Senate candidates, Amy Klobuchar is way ahead in Minnesota, Ben Cardin has never lost the lead in Maryland, Jon Tester is beating Abramoff's closest Senate colleague in Montana and Ned is still– as he has always been from day one– a longshot against Lieberman. There is no reliable polling data available on the other candidates but we're hearing good rumblings about the near quixotic campaigns being waged by John Laesch (IL-14) and Tony Trupiano (MI-11). By the way, our Blue America ActBlue page has outraised the pro-Big Business New Democratic Coalition, so when you hear them bragging about how conservative Dems won the campaign, take it with a grain jar of salt. (Howie Klein)


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