Blue America’s success! Bush Dog switching SCHIP vote!

On Monday—I told you that Blue America was running some recorded calls made by Michelle James, a full-time working mother who couldn’t afford health care for her son and volunteered to pitch in against the five Bush Dogs who are voting against the SCHIP bill and our kids. The Bush Dogs were: Jim Marshall (D-GA), Mike McIntyre (D-NC), Bob Etheridge (D-NC), Baron Hill (D-IN), Gene Taylor (D-MS). I say “were” because Baron Hill is changing his vote and coming down on the side of helping sick kids. Good for him!

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on our efforts:

Washington — Democratic-leaning groups are making hundreds of phone calls in the Macon area district of Democratic Rep. Jim Marshall, deriding Marshall for voting against the funding of a children’s health program and potentially causing problems for Marshall, one of the most vulnerable congressional incumbents in the country in the 2008 elections.

The groups — Blue America and BlogPAC — are targeting Marshall and four other House Democrats who voted against the bill that would have added $35 billion over five years to the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, known nationally as SCHIP and in Georgia as PeachCare for Kids…read on

We’re going to keep the pressure up and do the right thing. Blue America and BlogPac are not going to stand around and complain, we’re taking action. As you can see—when there’s action—there’s results…

Please donate if you can to the Blue America Pac so that we can continue to fight for progressive ideals…

I have a few other posts going up today on what other actions Blue America is taking….It’s very cool…


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