Mo Better Dems: Donna Edwards Update: Color of Change

We’re doing very well with our Blue America fundraising campaign for Donna Edwards against the Bush Dog Al Wynn. 832 donors and $31,858 for Donna since yesterday…Color of Change, the group that helped push the Jena 6 story into the light has joined in:

Matt Stoller: “, the group behind much of the Jena 6 protests, has gone out with an email supporting Donna Edwards. has gone up against the CBC most recently when the group led the protest against the CBC-Fox News debate. Al Wynn, of course, was one of 24 signers of a letter encouraging the Presidential candidates to debate on Fox News.

Dear XYZ,

For years we’ve had a problem: Black politicians who claim to represent us but undermine our interests. Today, we’re taking a step towards fixing it.

Congressman Al Wynn from Maryland’s 4th district is a perfect example of the lack of accountability that’s hurting our community. He has consistently voted against the interests of his Black constituents, siding with the big business and other special interests that foot the bill for his campaigns. 1,2

His opponent in the primary, Donna Edwards, is exactly what we need in Washington. She has an excellent record of activism and has been a powerful advocate for policies that will help the Black community, especially low-income Black folks. 3…read on

We have a special ActBlue page and we’re trying to raise $100,000 by Saturday. Can you help?


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