Blue America Trifecta: Eric Massa, Jon Powers and Dan Maffei!

Today’s Blue America session over at Firedoglake features three canddiates we’ve met before: Eric Massa, Jon Powers and Dan Maffei. They’re 3 progressive Democrats whose divergent upstate New York districts meet at Rochester. The 3 districts, currently held by a Republican rubber stamps, are considered extremely vulnerable in November and it is likely that this is the last year, for a very long time, any Republicans will be representing western New York in the U.S. Congress.

Go over to FDL at 2PM, (EST) and meet Eric, Jon and Dan in person. Meanwhile, here’s a brand new clip of Eric’s lame opponent, Randy Kuhl, at the State of the Union. He isn’t trying to smooch Bush the way that crazy Chris Shays did this year and Lieberman and Marilyn Musgrave did a couple years ago. Instead he just goes up and says, “Thanks for the ride, thanks for the memories.” The ride is about to end and the sooner the memories of Kuhl and Bush and the rest of this disastrous political era are buried, the better off we’ll all be. Help bury them here.


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