Victoria Wulsin Releases Ad On Jean Schmidt’s Gas Tax

Okay, none of them are going to win an Oscar, but it certainly is going to make Republicans sit up and pay attention that Mean Jean Schmidt is supporting an astounding 27% gas tax when most Americans are struggling to pay the exorbitant gas prices. From the press release:

A television ad focusing on Jean Schmidt’s vote to raise the gas tax by 27% will hit the airwaves next week, according to the campaign of Dr. Victoria Wulsin. Schmidt voted to raise the Ohio gas tax by 27% when she was in Ohio’s legislature. In the U.S. House of Representatives, Schmidt has often sided with big oil and gas companies against the best interests of her constituents.[..]

“Not only has Jean Schmidt’s tax-and-spend voting record turned off many members of her own party, it has also hurt middle class families across the district who are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of a gallon of gas,” (Wulsin Communications Director Kevin) Franck said.

Franck noted that a poll conducted by the Wulsin campaign in late June found that only half of Republicans in the second district are considering voting to re-elect Schmidt. Overall, the poll found that only 33% approve of Jean Schmidt’s performance in Congress and only 36% are prepared to re-elect her.

“In Columbus, Jean Schmidt voted to raise the gas tax on Ohio families and in Washington she voted to allow big oil and gas companies to keep billions in tax breaks, all the while raking in campaign cash from the likes of ExxonMobil,” Franck said. “If Jean Schmidt thinks it’s ok to take money out of the pockets of middle-class families so that her friends at the oil and gas companies can add to their already record profits, her priorities are definitely out of whack.”

The ad will begin to run on Labor Day, during the Republican National Convention. If you’d like to donate to Victoria Wulsin’s campaign, you can do so through our Blue America page.


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