Blue America Breaking: DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen’s 5K Matching Offer: Jackson Browne tickets

We don’t know who the winner will be yet. It’s a virtual see-saw dead-heat between Russ Warner (D-CA), Annette Taddeo (D-FL), and Debbie Cook (D-CA) and both Sam Bennett (D-PA) and Dennis Shulman (D-NJ) are still in range of winning. And winning means more than just the $5,000 we announced here at Crooks and Liars last week. DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen just sent us this letter and kicked in a $5,000 match for our winner. (You can still vote.)

Please offer my thanks to the Blue American community for their continued help to our Democratic candidates. Mobilizing grassroots supporters is crucial in our campaign to strengthen and secure the Democratic Majority. The outpouring of support that the Blue America community has shown this week for our Democratic candidates for change has been particularly exciting. I am pleased to match Blue America’s $5000 contribution to the winner of your “Vote For A Blue America Candidate” contest. I thank you for your continuing support in securing a New Direction for America. Warm Regards, Chris Van Hollen Chairman Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

And don’t forget, if the Blue America PAC matches the $1,250 contribution we got yesterday, there will be a $2,500 runner-up prize– and there’s even something in this for donors– besides helping to make sure there are solid progressives in Congress: anybody who contributes at least $25.00 before 1PM (PST) will be entered in a drawing to win two (2) fourth row center tickets to the Jackson Browne concert at the historic Orpheum theatre in Los Angeles on October 5th.


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