People For the American Way Congressional Contest

I hope you’ve noticed the new Blue America box up top– and I hope you’ll click on it and get to know the Blue America candidates and help them get into Congress so they can work for the actual change that Obama talks about and that Republicans and conservative Democrats are determined to thwart. Today, though, I want to ask you to dig for someone else’s efforts. John and I have become close with the folks at one of the DC organizations really worth trusting: People For the American Way. PFAW’s Voters Alliance has endorsed a healthy batch of progressives for the House and, as you can see, there are more similarities than differences with the Blue America list.

They’re running a competition similar to the one Blue America did a couple weeks ago. Our Senate and House contests raised over $100,000 for our candidates. We want PFAW to double that. Right now Judy Feder (D-VA), Gary Peters (D-MI) and Russ Warner (D-CA) are ahead, but Dennis Shulman (D-NJ), Doug Tudor (D-FL) and Martin Heinrich (D-NM) are catching up. Please take a look at their list and see if there’s someone you want to “vote” for. And sure $50 is grand but if we’ve learned one thing at Blue America, it’s that we can beat the Republicans and their corporate allies with lots and lots of $5 and $10 contributions.


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