Blue America’s Gary Peters Exposes The Double Standard Working Families Face Compared To Wall Street profiteers

You supported him and we helped get him elected. It’s nice to see a Blue America candidate take it to “the man.” Yea, baby. He took it to “the man.” The Wall Street man that is. He stuck up for average Americans and UAW workers who have been told that they should tear up their contracts of they want to survive.

Go Gary Peters, go!

“In my Congressional district in Michigan, there are thousands of UAW employees who have employment contracts, and they’ve been told they need to renegotiate those contracts and make concessions to justify taxpayer investments. There are thousands of white collar employees with employment contracts who have forgone promised bonuses and benefits and have taken pay cuts in order to save the companies they work for. People are sick of this double standard where working class and middle class workers are treated differently than the financial industry executives.”

Blue America did the best job of picking winners in the 2008 election and getting out a progressive message to the people I believe then any other PAC out there. I’ll post more on this at another time, but to me, picking winners isn’t the only goal, progressive values are, but I also love winning and it seems to be working very well for us.


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