Blue America Welcomes Paul Hodes (D-NH)

Today Blue America is hosting an old friend here at Crooks and Liars, Representative Paul Hodes. Paul first came onto our radar in 2006 was he was campaigning– successfully, as it turned out– against entrenched incumbent Charlie Bass in New Hampshire. Blue America endorsed him and has been gratified to see him consistently standing up for working families in the House of Representatives. He was one of the Democrats who put his foot down and refused to vote for the Wall Street bailout, TARP. He believes, firmly, that the government has to watch out for Main Street and for American consumers by reigning in the excesses of Wall Street. “I voted against the Wall Street bailout because I didn’t believe we should bail out the big banks while middle class families are hurting across America. I’m working– fighting– for tougher regulations on credit card companies, mortgage lenders, and big Wall Street banks so Wall Street’s greed will never be able to hurt middle class families again.” When AIG’s irresponsibility, unregulated avarice and gambler’s instincts got them in trouble and they came looking for money from the government, it was Rep. Hodes who pointed out that to American taxpayers AIG “stands for arrogance, incompetence and greed.”

Today, he’s asked us to let our readers know that he’d like anyone who was considering donating to his campaign during this live blogging session, instead donate to the No on 1 campaign in Maine. Paul isn’t a frightened, mealy-mouthed congressman tiptoeing around equality with a “separate but equal” non-solution for marriage rights. You don’t hear him talking about domestic partnerships. He favors equal rights under the law for all couples regardless of gender. “The legislation passed in New Hampshire,” he reminds us, “will ensure that all Granite Staters have equal rights under the law. And the law is consistent with the spirit of New Hampshire expressed in our state motto ‘Live Free or Die.’ Marriage equality gives equal justice to New Hampshire residents. I will continue to work for those same principles as a US Senator and I am a proud co-sponsor of the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.”

Please join us in the comments section below and let’s talk with Paul about why he’s demanding a timeline in Afghanistan and a public option in the health care reform bill– and anything else you’d like to ask someone who’s been serving in the House and wants to move over to the Senate.


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