General Information

Blue America PAC is a collaboration between the authors/publishers of, and, who are Howie Klein, Heather “Digby” Parton, and John Amato, respectively.


Our goal is very simple: we want to replace the bipartisan Conservative Consensus in Congress with a strong and activated progressive movement that will serve the needs of ordinary American families, not the 1%, not corporate special interests and not careerist political hacks and their lobbyist buddies. Simple, right?

To qualify for endorsement by Blue America, a candidate is thoroughly vetted, and must be:

  • Pro-MedicareForALL
  • Pro #GreenNewDeal
  • Value families vs corporate interests
  • Pro-choice
  • Pro-campaign finance reform
  • For marriage equality
  • Anti-war

Blue America bloggers do not hire themselves as consultants nor in any way seek to gain financially from this PAC. The PAC was established because we love our country and seek to help perfect it.

Company Overview

Founded by progressives who wanted to make Congress work for the People! Hope you’ll participate by donating to our vetted candidates via our Donate link and help spread the word about those who qualify as Blue America Endorsees.

For the 2024 cycle we’ll be using what we’ve learned since 2006 to help more progressives to overcome the massive financial advantage corporately backed conservatives always have over candidates who fight for ordinary families instead of special interests.

The beginning of the process is to help recruit solid progressives in a slew of races where Republicans narrowly managed to get into office in the midst of a national discontent that wasn’t kind to Democratic incumbents. You’ll be able to keep abreast of developments along these lines at the three blogs that work together to keep this PAC going; Crooks and Liars, Digby’s Hullabaloo and DownWithTyranny.

Blue America doesn’t work in safe districts where our help isn’t needed. We look for tough races where a little encouragement, some financial help and some advice could go a long way, especially with candidates unlikely to get much help from the DCCC or the DSCC.

Founding date