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Turning Texas Blue Means Registering & Turning Out More Voters

Republicans in the Texas legislature rammed through a racist and ultra-partisan redistricting map that packs as many Democrats as they could into a new Austin district with th...

Arizona Primary Next Month– The Most Important Race

For Blue America, primary season is rapidly coming to a close-- there are just a few left. We helped with some spectacular wins this cycle-- Kara Eastman in Omaha, Marie Newman ...

Stopping The Koch Brothers’ Agenda In Arizona

FDR knew who the enemy was— and so does Eva Putzova. The DCCC's Cheri Bustos doesn’t and neither does #AZ01's Tom O’Halleran.

Another No Nonsense, Strong Progressive Leader: Eva Putzova (AZ-01)

The actual Democrat primarying O'Halleran this cycle is Flagstaff former city councilwoman and progressive activist, Eva Putzover. Eva is literally as good as O'Halleran is bad.

Blue America Welcomes Back Our Friend and Ally, Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ)

An American hero, the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and an old and loyal friend through thick and thin, I don't think Raúl Grijalva needs much of an introduction. As always, he has plenty he wants to share with us. Let me

Blue America Welcomes Matt Heinz

Democrats generally cheered when Ron Barber won the special election in AZ-8 a couple weeks ago-- or at least when Jesse Kelly lost it-- to finish out the remainder of Gabby Gifford's term. No one paying attention exactly expected her district

Live Chat: Blue America Welcomes Back Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ)

Today Raúl Grijalva, a tireless champion on behalf of America's hard-pressed working families and an old and trusted friend of Blue America's-- our only endorsed candidate with a dedicated Act Blue Page-- will be spending an hour with us here

Live Chat: Blue America Welcomes Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Arizona

When Arizona's accidental governor signed SB 1070 into law in April, Digby, John and I put up a new Blue America page, One America, dedicated to h

Late Night Music Club with Blackfire

Tomorrow Blue America has our first-ever Arizona candidate, Howard Shanker, an environmental and civil rights lawyer. He does a lot of work for the na

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