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Nabilah Islam For Congress– Making Georgia Bluer And More Equitable

The most recent candidate endorsed by Blue America, Nabilah Islam, sometimes stands out from the crowd because of her name, which for old people, doesn't sound like a name from ...

Fight Back Against Cheri Bustos– And Win Some Art

Blue America contest time! Donate any amount to our "Congressional Primary" candidate(s) and you're entered to win a gorgeous, collectible deck of playing cards, each card decorated with a different one of award-winning Editorial artist, Nancy Ohanian's creations.

Blue America’s Already Finding Progressive All Stars For 2020

Last time Mike Siegel ran in 2018 in Texas' 10th district he held entrenched Republican multimillionaire Michael McCaul down to a 51.1% win in a district with an R+9 PVI-- a swing of 15 points, one of the Texas' strongest. Mike plans to complete what he started this time in one of the country's most compelling, high-profile re-matches.

Last Blue America Contest Of 2013– And It’s All About Minnesota‚Ķ And Depeche Mode

Whether you're a Depeche Mode fan or not, please help us make Minnesota even bluer by contributing to Keith Ellison's and Mike Obermueller's campaigns today.

SpongeBob Square Pants Blue America Contest

Today Blue America wants to give away a thank you gift to one lucky, random donor-- a rare autographed promo picture of SpongeBob SquarePants-- the one up top-- signed by Tom Kenny, the voice of the superstar TV character. As you probably know by now, it's another end-of-the-quarter mad dash for contributions in DC.

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