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Goodbye Devin Nunes– Hello Lourin Hubbard!

Devin Nunes' Central Valley district went from R+6 to D+7 and Nunes ran for his life, landing a make-believe job with Trump's make-believe media company. Good riddance. The DCCC...

Pelosi Picked The Right Guy To Clobber Trump

I don't want to go into-- for the 30th time-- the whole long story about how I helped my congressman first get elected in 2000 and then was mortified when he joined the Blue Dog...

Devin Nunes And Jim Costa Beware– We’re On The Road Again

The tweet above, (complete with a picture of the truck, THANKS RORY!) was sent by Rory Appleton, a political reporter for the Fresno Bee, the most-read newspaper in both Nunes' ...

Goal: Replacing Devin Nunes In November

Let's send our own memo to Devin Nunes: "You're Fired!" Ricardo Franco is a progressive Democrat organizing in the Central Valley to take on who local paper Fresno Bee calls “Trump’s Stooge” and Blue America endorsed him today.

Blue America is