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Chained CPI– RIP? Now Let’s Get To Work Strengthening Social Security

Chained CPI is out of the President's budget.... for now. Electing more Blue America progressives will ensure the pressure on the Corporate Wing of the Party to keep true to Democratic values stays strong... Alan Grayson and Elizabeth Warren strong.

PA Progressive takes 55% of the vote in a 4-way race for May Primary

PA's "Liberal Lion" killed the competition with 55% of the vote between four Democratic candidates for the open seat in PA-13. He's the most exciting candidate since Alan Grayson. We need to make sure he gets elected.

HOOTERS Stand Up for the “Liberal Lion” and you could win this HOOTER!

Yes, it's a "Hooter." Autographed by the Hooters. All to help the next "Alan Grayson" in Congress-- Daylin Leach. And you very well could own it.

Blue America is