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Turning Texas Blue Means Registering & Turning Out More Voters

Republicans in the Texas legislature rammed through a racist and ultra-partisan redistricting map that packs as many Democrats as they could into a new Austin district with th...

Orange Julius Caesar’s reign is over!

The streets of every city and town in America erupted on Saturday morning when the networks (finally) announced that America had fired Donald Trump. I think Senator Bernie Sande...

Blue America Endorses “Good Trouble” Candidate Nikema Williams

Georgia's 5th congressional district-- most of Atlanta-- hasn't been in play since 1986, the legendary John Lewis' first term. In fact, Republicans have never run a serious camp...

Blue America Welcomes Sen. Regina Thomas

Today's Blue America candidate is Georgia state Senator Regina Thomas. She's taking on one of the very worst and most reactionary of all the congressi

Blue America is