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Candidate Mike Siegel Is Already Working For TX-10 Constituents

Some candidates-- whether incumbents or challengers-- are faring better than others during this pandemic. Candidates who have grown proficient on social media have vibrant campa...

Running A People-Powered Campaign, While Sheltering In Place

Progressive challengers-- especially in races against well-heeled incumbents who can write themselves big checks or appeal to corporate SuperPACs-- have two new handicaps: grass...

Blue America’s Already Finding Progressive All Stars For 2020

Last time Mike Siegel ran in 2018 in Texas' 10th district he held entrenched Republican multimillionaire Michael McCaul down to a 51.1% win in a district with an R+9 PVI-- a swing of 15 points, one of the Texas' strongest. Mike plans to complete what he started this time in one of the country's most compelling, high-profile re-matches.

Blue America is