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Good News For Democrats In The Redistricting Front– Courts Caught GOP Cheating

[F]ederal judges last month struck down Alabama’s congressional lines and ordered Republican lawmakers to craft a new map that includes two heavily Black districts instead of ...

Goodbye Conor Lamb– Hello Chris Deluzio

There are two good things about Conor Lamb running for the Senate-- he's leaving the House and he's not going to win the Senate seat. Lamb was elected to Congress in 2018. Since...

Blue America new Candidate Alert– Philly! Meet Alexandra Hunt


PA-03 is entirely within the city of Philadelphia, stretching for Chestnut Hill, West Oak Lane in the north, through Center City and Schuylkil...

Matt Cartwright Is A Strong Progressive In A District Trump Won. They’re coming for him hard this time.

In 2012, Matt Cartwright waged a strong primary campaign against reactionary Blue Dog Tim Holden (one of the "Democrats" who joined with the GOP to vote against ObamaCare). Hoye...

The Philly Suburbs Are In Political Turmoil

The DCCC's hatred for progressives and progressive ideas is so blinding, they have adamantly refused to help Mary Ellen's campaign-- and are determined to see her lose to sad sack GOP backbencher incumbent Pat Meehan. Does this make any sense to you?

Blue America Welcomes Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach

Blue America Welcomes Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach

Blue America Welcomes Back Two Old Friends, Joe Sestak And Ned Lamont

Yesterday Arlen Specter was back at his old media home, Fox News, singing a new tune, dancing the Lieberman shuffle, calling the GOP "a party of obs

Blue America is