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A breath of fresh air blowing through Nashville!

Tennessee is spiking really badly right now. An anti-mask governor and legislature have given the state 59,546 COVID cases-- including 1,955 new cases on Friday, 1,460 new cases...

Bland Moderates Are Not What We Need In The White House Or In The Senate– Let’s Replace Mitch McConnell With Charles Booker

If Bernie wins in November, a hostile McConnell-led Senate will be pretty deadly for all his plans. And with the Democrats very likely to lose their accidental Alabama seat, the...

Blue America Congressional Endorsement In Oklahoma: Tom Guild

You may remember our old Oklahoma friend, Tom Guild, from the yeoman's work he did in the past to flip the Oklahoma City congressional district blue. He tilled that field assidu...

Jean Schmidt Is A Lying B****!

Well, duh. But this time, it's one of her fellow Republicans talking her down.


Every now and then we like to check in on the latest antics su

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