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New Candidate Alert For Oregon’s New District– Meet Matt West

Our old friend, former congressional candidate Mark Gamba, introduced me to Matt West, the progressive candidate running in the new 6th district, which includes Mark's home. The...

California Endorsement Alert: Delano Mayor Bryan Osorio For Congress

California's 21st congressional district is entirely in the San Joaquin Valley and one of the most productive agricultural districts in America. About 75% of the residents are L...

Contest: Nirvana And Pramila

Our two favorite things about Seattle: grunge rock pioneers Nirvana and congressional progressive champion Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. So, when former Nirvana manager Danny G...

Reforming the Filibuster, with the Progressive Congress Action Fund Fellowship Program

No one has to tell you at this point that Republican obstructionism in the Senate is probably the biggest impediment to the ability of Congressional

Take the Blue America Poll on Free Speech

[media id=2602] QT only...Check out McCain saying he beat us....

As you know---there was another ridiculous vote in Congress today on the MoveOn a

Buh-Bye Scottie

First Draft says that McClellan might be on his way out!

(FD's site seems to be down so I linked to the article.)

Blue America is