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QT only…Check out McCain saying he beat us….

As you know—there was another ridiculous vote in Congress today on the MoveOn ad. The House was next in line to denounce it. We’re talking about a “free speech” issue. Many of our Blue America candidates voted for the right of free speech, but a few didn’t. Our own John Hall (NY), Jerry McNerney (CA), Patrick Murphy (PA) and Carol Shea-Porter (NH) voted against the ad.

Here’s their overall voting record which is very good for the most part from Progressive Punch.org.

John Hall (NY) is at 93.59 %

Jerry McNerney (CA) is at 87.41%

Patrick Murphy (PA) is at 81.07%

Carol Shea-Porter (NH) is at 95.04%

Jane Hamsher: These representatives don’t seem to realize that their job is to protect free speech guaranteed by the constitution, not legislate where and how it is exercised, because at that point it ceases to be, you know, free.

Please take the survey.

Update: Howie has more

“More and better Democrats” is a motto we need to be thinking about. Don’t forget to take the survey. and don’t forget to say thanks to Hilda Solis, Jerry Nadler, Tom Allen, and Steve Cohen


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