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Joe-Sestack.jpg CNN highlighted the race between Blue America’s Joe Sestak and Crazy Curt Weldon yesterday. If you remember, Weldon attacked Joe’s cancer ridden daughter and: "After repeatedly denying it ever happened, Curt Weldon finally admitted that he attended, spoke at and organized an event that declared Sun Myung Moon to be "humanity’s Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent."


Joe wrote a diary called "My Response to President Bush"

Hello. My name is Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania; I am a former 3-star Vice Admiral who spent 31 years serving my country in our Navy – they were the proudest years of my life. Today, I’d like to talk to you about a topic that’s too important for partisan politics: a new direction for America’s security. Last week, the Chairman of the 9/11 Commission made a startling comment. He said he didn’t believe that security was a priority for the White House…read on

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