After What happened Last Night

It’s more important than ever to flip Congress.

There’s a page called Flip Congress, take a look.

These are 8 candidates that have something in common: each is running against a rotgut conservative incumbent who deserves to be replaced. And each of these candidates would go a long way towards making Congress a better and less dysfunctional body, one that would stand up to tyranny and oppression.

We may need that even more than ever. Please give as generously as you can.

Last night Biden’s weak, confused performance on the debate stage dug himself a hole. It doesn’t mean he’s going to lose in November. Millions of Americans understand what an existential threat Trump is to our country.

But the stakes are too high to just count on him winning reelection. With the GOP sure to win the open West Virginia Senate seat, they’re just one seat away from a majority. The House may be the only firewall against what we all fear.

Trump was incoherent last night and he never stopped lying.  As Noah Smith wrote this morning, “A President half-incapacitated by old age, but with competent appointees, is still preferable to a President who denies election results, encourages coup attempts against his own country and encourages enemy empires to conquer U.S. allies.”

But it barely mattered with what was going on next to him on that stage. Congressional Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert and Jim Jordan are gleeful today. Let’s make sure that no matter what happens at the top of the ticket, they are not in power in the 118th Congress.

This cycle, with our Democracy and civil rights in peril from the fascists who are plotting to overthrow our precious representative Democracy, the only way forward is to ‘elect more and better Democrats’ to Congress.

Throughout our history, one thing is a constant: Every contribution, no matter how small really adds up.

Thank you for always doing what you can to help make this a better world,

-Howie, for the entire Blue America Team


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