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It’s all up to ‘You’ now

Recently, I shared a the story at DownWithTyranny about how I first met Madonna backstage at Madison Square Garden. She was donating the night’s concert proceeds— a million ...

For Orlando, For Florida, For All Of Us

This week we’re asking you to help us raise funds for Alan Grayson, who gave up his old House seat in Orlando and, since it is now open, is seeking the nomination there again...

There’s No Organized Effort Among Progressives In Congress To Defend Themselves From AIPAC

The US’s most powerful pro-Israel lobby group has been accused of putting support for Israel before American democracy after it declared its backing for the election...

There Is A Way To Talk To GOP Voters Without Selling Out Your Values– Meet J.R. Gaillot (D-FL)

Meet JR Gaillot, a longtime political operative who is running for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs. Born in New York, he speaks 5 languages, wrote one...

How Bad Does A Party Have To Be To Get Beaten By Terrible, Treacherous, Treasonous Republicans?

Clinton passed free trade agreements without providing millions of blue-collar workers who consequently lost their jobs a means of getting new ones that paid at least as well.


Great Music, Great Candidates, You

You may already be familiar with Jim Lough’s music. 

That’s because his band, Old Town Crier, used one of his songs, “You,” as a Blue America anthem for ...

Help Elect More Who’ll Fight for Our Rights– Blue America Contest

Immediately after the Roe v Wade decision was announced on Friday, Data for Progress released the poll above and Mike Pence-- who has been treated as something of a media darlin...

Feel Like We Need A New Generation Of Congressional Leadership?

The House was back in session last week. There were 3 bills that were debated and voted on in particular that I want to mention this morning:

All three passed the House and w...

We Already Know We Can Win Elections. Now How Do We Keep The Democrats’ Attention After They Win?

All I know is months ago it was conventional wisdom in D.C. that the Democrats couldn't take the House, that candidates shouldn't talk about the war

C&L Chat: Please welcome netroots hero Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa

One of Blue America's earliest and most heartfelt successes came in 2006 when we helped Bruce Braley turn Iowa's first CD from red to blue. After a

If A Blue Dog Won’t Fight For Our Freedom, We Will

Earlier today Glenn Greenwald, The Seminal and DownWithTyranny did posts on accountability for members of Congress who buckle under to Bush's demands

Making Bush Toxic For Republican Candidates

Today at 2PM, EST (11AM on the West Coast), New Mexico Democrat Martin Heinrich will be back at Firedoglake for another live blog session. We invited

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