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Making Bush Toxic For Republican Candidates

Today at 2PM, EST (11AM on the West Coast), New Mexico Democrat Martin Heinrich will be back at Firedoglake for another live blog session. We invited

Blue America Welcomes Martin Heinrich

Today's Blue America candidate is Martin Heinrich and he's running for Congress in the open Albuquerque seat being deserted by Heather Wilson. He was

Mike and the Mad Dog endorses Blue America’s Jim Himes

[media id=4253] QT only...

Blue America's Donna Edwards just won her primary against Al Wynn and now we're ready to see Jim Himes take it to Chris

Action Alert: Tell The FCC – Grassroots Donors Count!

Via Public Campaign:
We, the undersigned, have added our names to this letter as online members of Public Campaign, a national nonprofit organization

Blue America’s Mo’ Better Dem series: Donna Edwards Fundraiser!

A couple of months ago when Bush flew to Seattle to do a fundraiser for rubber stamp hack Dave Reichert, the blogosphere dug deep and helped Darcy Bur

Blue America’s 5$ Day for Jim Himes to oust Chris Shays

Rep. Chris "Blogger Rage" Shays makes no sense, but that's not surprising. Read this quote and ask me WFT he means:

Shays, R-Conn., said he rese

Jerry McNerney clarifies

his Iraq position....

Let’s Call This A “Housewarming Gift”…

How about helping out with a nice, little housewarming gift for Karl Rove?

We just had a great candidate on for Blue America who is running to repl

MTP: Markos Discusses the Emergence of the Netroots Movement

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DailyKos Founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga explains to guest host David Gregory on Meet The Press why the netroots mo

Open Thread

PoliticsTV has some glimpses of YearlyKos. Check your local C-Span listings for more coverage.

I like that my buddy Cliff is teaching his son the imp

Blue America Welcomes Jim Himes

(Guest Blogged by Howie Klein)

Jim Himes is our Blue America candidate today. We're trying to help him overcome rubber stamp Republican incumbent Ch

Billo Scolds Democrats For Planning To Attend YearlyKos

It's becoming increasingly painful to watch this man's slow descent into insanity, but hey, it's my job...

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Blue America is