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Sherrod Brown on Blue America

f Sherrod Brown who has a narrow lead over DeWine is over on FDL with a live chat going on now. We need him to win his race badly. Contribute if you c

Blue America’s Dave Mejias

Go over and chat with Dave Mejias. He's discussing his run against wingnut extraordinaire Peter King for the seat in NY. He could really use your supp

Dave Mejias

Tomorrow over at Blue America, we're introducing you to Dave Mejias, the dynamic young progressive taking on Long Island rubber stamp wingnut Peter Ki

C&L Premiere: Rickie Lee Jones sings “Have You Had Enough?”

Ricki Lee Jones has recorded a new song to help our "Blue America" grass roots project. You've seen the new "Blue America" page,


Check out this documentary, it's really good.

Help out Patrick Murphy if you can ...

(link fixed)

Roots Project: Call your Senators on Specter’s Bill

I've been involved with the Roots Project from the begining and it's developing nicely. Greenwald has a great post up about Specter's awful bill. It's

Blogosphere Day

Check out the new ACT Blue page: FDL, Howie and C&L joined forces.

MyDD explains...

Howie writes:

Anyway, the first 100 people who donate today

David Brooks on Lieberman: “Democrats privately despise the netroots”

It's always refreshing to hear a conservative pundit explain the liberal blogosphere to the world. He's another Lieberman supporter who loves to at

Roots CTG: Yea baby!

Roots CTG: Yea baby!

The Project so far has been hugely successful and I'm glad to be part of it, but it couldn't have happened without your support.

NY Times: Lamont Should Be Taken Seriously

NY Times: Lamont Should Be Taken Seriously

The NY Times:

Ned Lamont has already shown that his candidacy should be taken seriously. On May 19, a thi

John Hall for Congress

John Hall for Congress

Do you remember when I posted about the RNC using Hall's classic song in Bush's campaign?

Boing Boing: "The Bush re-ele

MoveOn supports Ned Lamont

MoveOn supports Ned Lamont

Dear MoveOn member in Connecticut,

"I wanted to share the results from our online primary with you before we tell t

Blue America is