Blue America’s Bill Winter and Jay Fawcett on FDL

Today at 2 PM (EST) Blue America is featuring a live blogging session with 2 selfless Colorado Fighting Dems, Bill Winter and Jay Fawcett at Firedoglake. These two national security experts are taking on two of the most extremist right-wing Republicans running anywhere–congressman, Tom Tancredo and James Dobson’s favorite Republican, Doug Lamborn.Here’s

Here’s Jay talking about why America will be safer if we replace Bush’s rubber stamp Congress with one led by Democrats. I’ve got got an advance up at Down With Tyranny and John, Jane and I want to ask you go consider lending these two guys a hand at our joint ActBlue Page. (If you’re fast you can win one of 30 June Carter Cash 2-CD sets.)

(guest blogged by Howie Klein)


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