How About Asking a Veteran What Supporting the Troops Really Means?

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charlie-brown Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown (USAF Ret.) responds to Congressman John Doolittle’s recent column about "supporting the troops":

Like his "stay the course" colleagues, Doolittle’s hopeless strategy here is to try and distract voters from his hypocritical record on the subject by smearing his opponents. Unfortunately, no amount of taxpayer funded campaign mailers will change the fact that he voted to send our troops to war in Iraq without a plan, proper equipment, or sound intelligence. It won’t change the growing tensions in Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and elsewhere that have occurred under John Doolittle’s watch. And it certainly won’t change the fact that he had the second worst record in the entire House of Representatives on Veterans issues in the 109th Congress (per Disabled American Veterans).

I wasn’t the only one who noticed. My son, an Iraqi War Veteran and Air Force Captain who co-piloted Doolittle from Baghdad to Tal-Afar back in February took exception to Doolittle’s recent column while home a few weeks ago on leave. His response to Doolittle is below. Read on…

You can donate to Charlie Brown at C&L’s Blue America page.
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