Premiere Video: Have You had Enough?–Go McNerney!

HaveUhadEnough.jpg The Blue America song by Rickie Lee Jones, Tom Maxwell and Ken Mosher, is helping to re-define netroots activism in this campaign cycle. The viral nature of developing, open-sourced communication technology has allowed blogs from around the country, cooperating with each other, to start launching congressional-district campaigns using versions of the song, remixes and animations. Last week SayNoToPombo launched a My Space page with a customized version of "Have You Had Enough" recorded especially to help Jerry McNerney in CA-11.

-WMP -QT (WMP link updated)

This week blogs around the country will start to debut customized video animations specific to progressive candidates like Chris Murphy (CT-05), Victoria Wulsin (OH-02) and John Laesch. Crooks and Liars has an exclusive sneak preview for the crucial Pombo/McNerney contest. Anyone who tosses at least $20 into the Blue America PAC bucket today (Monday, September 11) will get a "thank you" CD mailed to them.

McNerney.jpg (guest blogged by Howie)


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